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I am search female that Reddit dating profile humiliation

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The one that always bugged me was 5 group photos, and then wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses in the only solo photo. And the one's that only have half of their face in their pictures. What are you hiding?? Or, even better, the serial Reddit dating profile selfie! Perfect angle to see the nose hair, complete with the facial expression of a dead fish. Say, this dinner invite of yours, will I be part of your company or your menu?

What is my age: I'm 41 years old

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To the surprise of no one who knows anything about Reddit — or social media in general — exchanges below OLD profile critique requests are often not so civil. She advises them to instead mix in details about what they and their prospective date might look like together.

Man roasted for his absurd tinder bio

It was her motherly instinct that partly motivated Jane to help out. Jane got so good at commenting on OLD profiles publicly that many have reached out to her via direct messaging for privatized guidance as well.

Andrew, a year-old Portland, Oregon, resident who works in fundraising, reports garnering similar attention. Redditors so frequently turn to Andrew for advice, he says, because he tactfully frames his criticisms in ways that others might more readily consider.

Given that fact, Fisher says seeking such help online, where so many users view anonymity as a to belittle others, puts people in a naturally vulnerable position. She also says an even more effective outlet for this kind of assistance can come in the form of friends, family and other trusted loved ones — people who just know you better and more intimately. Few if any of the remarks were glazed with malice.

It may have been slightly more technical than that, but the bottom line is no one wants to see face close-ups. She changed her photography approach and — to stress the importance of this once again — wrote in some more specific details about herself.

The commentary also informed her that in her profile she was unwittingly presenting herself in one very unsavory way. He noticed that many of the same users turn up underneath OLD profile critique requests across many different subreddits.

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Ladies, what are you sick of seeing on dating profiles?

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