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I'm hunt for girl that wants Romantic christmas song

If Love Actually has taught us anything, is that Christmas is a perfect time for falling in love. While we always love the likes of Wizzard, Slade and Band Aid every December, we also can't help but enjoy the more romantic side of Christmas tunes. Rosemary Clooney recorded a collection of smoky jazz standards inincluding this song, co-written by Charles Trenet.

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There's something about the holiday season that just oozes lovey-dovey feelings into the air. Whether it's the overflowing amount of romantic Christmas movies coming from the Hallmark channel, or the couples' holiday photos dominating your Instagram feed, one always ends up feeling particularly romantic during the holidays.

Holiday music in particular can get us in the feels, and for that reason, I've compiled a list of the best romantic Christmas songs, from Wham! I've even made a nifty Spotify playlist so you can play them all at once!

Romantic partner not included. Louisthe song was initially so sad Garland refused to sing it.

Thankfully, the lyrics were tweaked, and we've come to love and adore the still sad but hopeful song about wishing someone you love to have a Merry Christmas. To have Kacey Musgraves and Leon Bridges under my Christmas tree would be nothing short of the perfect present, but until that happens, this song will fit the bill. We have George Michael in his prime!

We have '80s synthesizers and ski wear!

It's what St. Nick would've wanted in an '80s pop Christmas song, I'm sure of it. Listening to the lyrics of "This Christmas" will make your heart four times bigger. Would it be dramatic to say this song invented Christmas music?

Probably, but the holiday season is not complete without Ms. Mariah Carey and her high notes. There's a reason why David Letterman brought Darlene Love onto his show to sing it every Christmas for three decades.

It's just that good. I'll admit it—I wanted to be the girl being courted by Justin Bieber when I first saw this music video in There are many hits off of his Under the Mistletoe albumnone shine brighter than 'Mistletoe. While this isn't the most traditional "in love during Christmas" song, the idea of spreading love beyond the people closest to you is always festive.

The 10 greatest christmas love songs ever

Recorded from the perspective of a solider serving in Vietnam in"I Want To Come Home For Christmas" wasn't actually released until 18 years later in Since then the song has been deemed a classic reminder of Marvin Gaye's unforgettable voice. If I don't hear Karen Carpenter's voice during the holiday season, I've failed to celebrate accordingly. While there are many covers of this song, no one sings it better than Carpenter circa Known as one of the most popular Christmas songs, Elvis Presley didn't want to record it at first at a scheduled studio session inbut we're so glad he did.

As you probably know, the lyrics from the original version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Romantic christmas song a little bit creepy. Thankfully, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson revamped the song with lyrics you can totally get behind.

Most Britney fans already know she has one of the most underrated Christmas songs. If you're new to the group, welcome!

Sometimes the greatest gift is something you can't buy, but only feel. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers say that here: "And knowing you're in love with me is the greatest gift of all. Ariana Grande wants one person and one person only this Christmas, and we can't blame her.

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The greatest christmas love songs ever recorded

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