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Dating factory frontier dating guide. Mattie Holman, 31 years old. Sorry, no scheduling the dates months in advance.

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Post a Comment. Having organised Dates with almost every Eligible Girl for Autumn, reloading afterwards in each case, I have discovered a few useful rules about Dates in general: 1. You can wait until the day prior to the actual set Date to ask any Girl for a Date, but on the actual Date day set by the game, you will not obtain the Date option from Rune factory frontier dating Eligible Girl. In other words, your 'last chance' to ask any Girl for a Date is the day prior to the Date; 2. If, however, the Eligible Girl is at 10 Hearts, she will bring food for a picnic and, after consuming the food noisily, you will have the option to propose to her. Whether she accepts or refuses depends on whether you have met all Marriage Requirements, both general and specific.

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In Rune Factory Frontier you will have a choice of 12 girls to ask to be your bride. Each girl has a very distinct sequence of events you must go through before you can get her hand in marriage, which range from simple to exceedingly difficult.

It takes more than a little work to raise the LP of all of the girls in this game, so pay attention to these pointers:. A great aspect of the courtship system is getting to ask girls out on dates.

This will be the only time where you can propose marriage. Once your heroine is at 8 LP or higher, you'll be able to ask her out for a date. There are certain requirements for certain girls, however.

For Mist you must have completed the main storyline, for Anette her chain of events must have been complete, Uzuki must not be feuding with Tsubute, and the Irises must live in town. They will always choose a specific date for each season.

They are as follows: 13th of Spring flower viewing19th of Summer visit to the lake19th of Fall looking at the autumn colors and 24th of Winter Night of the Holies. If she has 9 LP or higher, she'll make a special snack for you!

Don't miss or be late your date, or you'll be in a world of hurt! After marriage your wife will make you lunch everyday and her schedule will change completely, as well as the background music in your house.

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She will also kiss you goodbye everyday when you first leave the house. Remember you anniversary, as you can ask her out on a date that night! Don't forget a flower present for the date. Remember that you must go to bed before 10 PM if you want the scene to occur. Your child will be born 60 days after this.

You can choose if you'd like a boy or a girl once your wife tells you she's pregnant, however there is no birth scene. The wife just wakes up with the baby in her arms.

For one full season the child will do nothing but lie in bed or your wife's arms all day long. After the season is up, it will move to the floor downstairs where you can talk with it to raise its affection. You cannot give it presents however.

After two more seasons the child will be full grown. Category : Rune Factory Frontier. Cookies help us deliver our services. More information OK. Personal tools Create Log in.