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If you are feeling in crisis please contact TransLifeline. TGSF is, again, having trouble with the Calendar functions on our website.

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Even in San Francisco, which has long been a refuge for TGI people, our communities are 18 times more likely to experience homelessness. Our communities also continue to face discrimination, harassment, and violence when trying to access shelters and housing San francisco transexual. Together we can build housing stability for our TGI communities in the Bay Area and be a model for the rest of the country.

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Our Trans Home SF services includes rental assistance, transitional housing andadvocacy and provider training. Support of any amount will go to directly to the TNB community and support our vital housing services.

San francisco celebrates 1st transgender district in the world

Our Trans Home SF is staffed by experienced, knowledgable and committed members of the community. the Petition. To address trans homelessness, we need policy makers on our side. By ing the petition, you are helping to remind our leaders of their duty to protect our most vulnerable community members. Now!. Share your Story. The trans housing crisis has touched all of us in one way or another.

It is vital that we share our stories and support one another to make sure that our collective voice is heard. Share Now!. the Coalition.

We are a collaboration of local and national organizations committed to ending trans homelessness. If you are interested in ing the coalition, to learn more. Joaquin Remora.

Alexis Jimenez. Arianna Salinas.

Pablo Badra. Natasha Tansey. Aura Rosado.

JM Jaffe. James Infirmary Board of Directors Secretary. Jo-Nathan McKinley. Akira Jackson. Aria Sa'id. Rental Subsidy. If you are at risk of losing your housing or need additional support to secure or maintain housing you may qualify for our rental support program.

The program also provides on-going housing support to help support you on your pathway towards housing stability. If you are interested in applying for our Rental Subsidy Program, click "Apply!

The Bobbi Jean Baker House. The Bobbi Jean Baker House is an 18 room, 3 floor house with a supportive community living environment and integrated housing case management services to support residents on their path to securing long-term housing stability. If you need immediate housing support, please contact our House Managers by clicking the link below.

The coalition is partnering with community leaders and City Departments to call for policy and institutional change. Also, the coalition is leading public education campaigns and providing comprehensive trans inclusion trainings to shelter and housing providers across the City. Us!.

Our Trans Home SF. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.