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Whether you're a student in college or earlier or a lifelong learner, Google is an essential tool for learning. Here are a few tips for using Google search and other apps more effectively to further your education.

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This article explains how to use Google to search within a single website or type of domain. It can be extremely useful when you are confident the information is on a specific site but don't know where to look to find it. You can also limit your searches by a certain domain extension, like.

To search within a specific websiteyou must enter the search following the rules that Google recognizes for such a search.

Is there a way to search for .gov sites only on google?

Click in Google's search field. Type site: in the Google search bar followed by the name of the website you want to limit the search to.

Make sure there's no space between site: and the website address. For example: site:lifewire. Follow the website name with a single space and then type the search phrase. For example:.

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When you want to search a website for an article on a specific topic, it is better to use more than one word in the search phrase to narrow the search. Searching only for "tricks" or "search" would be far too general in this example.

Press Return or Enter to begin the search. The will include any article from the Lifewire website that concerns search tricks.

Usually searching an entire domain casts too wide a net, but if you are searching for government information, for example, you could search just within. This site search is confined to all the websites in the. If you know the specific government agency, it is better to add it to filter your further.

For example, if you seek tax information only from the IRS website, use:. That's not the end of the story.

Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile.

Narrow your search to a single website with this tip

Measure ad performance. Select basic. Create a personalised profile. Select personalised. Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance.

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Article reviewed on Feb 15, Tweet Share. Browsers Chrome Safari Firefox Microsoft. What To Know In a Google search, type site: followed by the domain and extension, like site:lifewire. Then, include your search, and press Enter. To search by domain extension, type site: followed by the extension, like site:. Was this helpful?

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