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The first, historic location of Flirt Club. In safety and in compliance with the rules. .

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Everyone always has a ton of questions about swinging, the club, what happens at parties etc. This section of the website provides some answers to Frequently Asked Questions Sex is never guaranteed!

We are an Adult club, not a brothel! We simply provide a safe, clean and discreet facility. When you attend a Club Rome party, you are not Sex club rome for sexual gratification. The idea is to attend our party to wine, dine, dance and have a good time, as well as meet other like-minded people.

If you should meet a couple that tickles your fancy and something were to happen, then so be it. But that's between you and them; it has nothing to do with the service we provide. Is safety enforced? No, we cannot enforce safe sex although we strongly, absolutely, unequivocally recommend it.

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The Human Rights Commission has told us that we cannot force anybody to wear a condom. We can, however, tell you that there are condoms available in every room of the club, which we strongly encourage all members to use.

In our own opinion, anyone who chooses to practice unsafe sex is a complete idiot! But it's your choice Remember, people, it's your right to choose - anyone has the right to say no if the other interested party refuses to use a condom.

Play it safe - don't let anyone convince you otherwise! Yes, upon registration, you will receive an explaining the procedure, you need to attend any party with the that you received and be there before pm. All members and first timers are welcome on any party night If it is your first time at the club the point applies i.

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Make sure you get to the club by 20h00 for a tour of the club. Doors open at 19h The simple answer is NO! The rules of our club are very simple - you do only what you feel comfortable with. Club Rome is an Adult club, which means that you get to wine, dine and dance in an erotic environment. Anything else you do is up to you.

There is no requirement to take off any of your clothes if you do not want to, as long as you remain within the public areas. NO, you do not have to book. If you book, you will receive a discount. As first timers though you are not able, just bring your invitation which is required for your first visit. After lots of consideration and with the costs constantly going up, we have decided to add the cost of Maintenance and Laundry. A Sex club rome will be retained per item i. R20 locker and R40 per towel. Deposits MAY be left as tips but you have to say so.

We hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience. Reception will be Sex club rome till in the morning and any returns after this time will forfeit the deposit. We do not send out "invitations" to attend parties. If you apply for membership on the internet site or the club you are eligible to attend a Friday night parties. The Saturday night parties are for couples. Parties start at 19h30 If it's your first time make sure you get to the club by 20h00 for a tour of the club. That's it.

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Please check each party as pricing can change per event. We do not charge members to attend parties but we do expect you to help contribute towards the cost of running these parties. Most of you know what it costs to have a party these days and it would be unfair to expect Owners of Club Rome to pay for the parties each week out of their own pockets. Club Rome's entrance donation is an easy way for their swinging friends to help contribute towards the cost of hosting these parties, including the cost of meals, drinks and entertainment. The amount of the entrance donation may vary according to the actual costs incurred in Sex club rome the parties.

The parties are fun, sociable, sexy, entertaining. Emphasis on party! The most important thing to remember is that we have NO expectations.

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That means that what you do is entirely up to you! If you want Sex club rome just come and check out the scene that is perfectly acceptable. You do not have to undress, get naked or do anything you are uncomfortable with. No-one will force you to do anything.

Basically, the party will flow as follows:. Doors are closed and no further entrys are allowed. There is quite a bit of sexual activity that takes place they are adult parties, after all and if you want to get involved, great. If not, that's cool as well. At Club Rome we don't differentiate between people based on color, race, religion, size, orientation or any other criteria. We welcome anyone who supports the lifestyle we believe in We also do not divulge any personal details about Sex club rome members. However, swinging is a matter of personal choice and who you chose to spend time with depends on your own personal preferences.

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So although you are welcome at the club, we cannot guarantee that you will find someone to swing with - and that applies to everyone who attends. The best thing to do is come along to a party and check out the vibe for your self.

Thereafter, you can make your own mind up on whether the scene is for you or not. Club Rome is a private home, providing a venue Sex club rome friends to practice the lifestyle that they have chosen. Club Rome has strict rules and is NOT open to just anyone. We believe that your safety and confidentiality are too important to leave to chance Anyone wishing to us must first go through an introduction and validation process. This helps to ensure that new friends are:.

One of our key concerns is safety and security.

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Equally important is confidentiality, especially when one considers the intolerance and misunderstanding the general public has regarding our lifestyle. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the lifestyle in a safe environment, secure in the knowledge that their identity or particulars will never be disclosed, we have adopted a of unique security measures, including:. To make things easier for everyone, we include an introductory session for all newbie's and first timers. These sessions will be held at the club at 20H00 Sex club rome the party starts on any given night.

Wednesday nights are recommended. We don't run a subscription-based website, where pictures of you are made available to anyone who pays the subscription fee. All the pictures on our website were taken at real Club parties and are of actual members and guests. Anyone can say they are the best Anyone can claim to support the lifestyle Yes, Sex club rome Rome has a locker room with lockable lockers and towels to rent for your convenience.

These are used at your own risk. Home Log In Log in. Where is Club Rome situated? Will I get lucky?

When are the parties held? Do I have to be a member of Internet site to attend? Who can attend the parties? It's my first time at the club attending a party.