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Rock Springs is a city located in Sweetwater County Wyoming. With a population of 22,it is the 5th largest city in Wyoming after CheyenneCasperLaramieand Gillette and the th largest city in the United States. Rock Springs is currently declining at a rate of

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Language, culture and appearance all separated Chinese immigrants from their neighbors in 19 th -century America.

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For many Whites, these differences were cause enough for suspicion. But when the Chinese demonstrated their willingness to work for lower wages than their white counterparts, fear and distrust erupted into violence. The Chinese became victims not only of armed attacks, but also of some of the most severe anti-immigration laws ever passed in this country.

Many who journeyed to California during the Gold Rush left wives and children behind at a time of great uncertainty: A rebellion and a massive flood in Canton Province had recently killed thousands and devastated the economy. Another hardship of emigrating was forsaking the graves of the ancestors. Other family members could continue to visit the cemeteries, but the spirits might still get angry at anyone who crossed the sea.

And then there was the law to worry about: The Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian for leaving China was decapitation. For a few Chinese prospectors, the California gold fields were a dream come true.

Rock springs city, wyoming

Most, however, became laborers for large mining companies. Many remained after the boom to seek their fortunes in the towns and cities, where cooking, laundering and other service jobs paid 10 times the typical wage in China. Ina call went out Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian workers to build the western portion of a transcontinental railroad. As it turned out, not enough Whites or free Blacks applied to get the job done. Few Native Americans were interested, and a plan to use Confederate prisoners fell through when the Civil War ended. Charles Crocker, chief contractor for the Central Pacific Railroad, had a Chinese manservant whose loyalty and capability he greatly admired.

The result was so favorable that Central Pacific began recruiting not only in the Western states but also in China. By the peak period of construction three years later, the Chinese work force on the railroad ed 12, The task of laying track across the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains was achieved by Chinese labor. Their jobs were difficult and dangerous. Winter storms, rock slides and accidents involving explosives cost 1, Chinese lives.

Completion of the project in sent the Chinese back into the cities. At a time of high unemployment, white workers resented foreign competition for scarce jobs. An anti-Chinese campaign, fueled by the newly emerging labor movement, spread rapidly throughout the West. State and local governments introduced special taxes and regulations deed to harass the Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian community.

A California law prohibited Chinese from testifying against Whites in court. Citizens for San Francisco held a rally in to protest Chinese immigration, and a mob in Los Angeles the following year murdered 23 Chinese people.

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The Panic ofwhich closed many businesses and factories nationwide, heightened racial tensions even further. Nevertheless, visions of wealth lured record s of Chinese to America during this period.


Union Pacific had built the eastern portion of the new railroad—from Omaha, Neb. By mining the coal deposits on its property, the railroad could meet its own fuel requirements and turn a handsome profit on the surplus coal. In the snowy autumn ofcoal miners for the company at Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory, began planning a strike to protest a 20 percent pay cut. Railroad officials knew that one timely strike could stop a hundred locomotives on their tracks, so they contrived a threat of their own: If the plan went ahead, the mostly English and Irish strikers would be fired and replaced with Chinese laborers.

The arrival of the strikebreakers went peacefully, perhaps because two companies of U. Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian troops had been ased to Rock Springs a few days earlier after somebody shot at a mine boss.

Rock springs, wyoming population

Under federal guard, the Chinese laborers descended into the mines. Union Pacific dismissed 99 white miners who took part in the strike. Fifty Whites remained on the payroll, outed 3-to-1 by the Chinese. By mid-winter, the Rock Springs mines were again operating at their former capacity.

Strikers who offered to work at the lower wage were handed one-way rail passes east to Omaha. Union Pacific, like many employers across the West, openly favored Chinese workers over Whites because the Chinese refused to unions.

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By the standards of their home country, the Chinese found American wages more than generous. In fact, most of the Chinese who came to America in the mid th century never intended to stay: After working and saving for [a] few years, they would return home wealthy by the standards of their country. While the anti-Chinese movement gained momentum in the cities, white workers in remote Rock Springs kept their hostility to themselves.

The two racial segments of the community, in fact, kept almost everything to themselves.

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Most of the food they ate came from Asia by way of San Francisco. For some members of the community, the imported culture even included opium smoking. Membership in social groups called clans actively linked individuals with family and friends in other American cities and back home in China. Whites both encouraged Chinese separatism and resented it.

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On the other hand, the bustling prosperity of the typical Chinatown struck onlookers as unfair and even dangerous. Bynational sentiment against the Chinese ran so high that Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act prohibiting further immigration. All workers received the same pay for every bushel of coal they dug, but Whites were typically ased to the spots that were most difficult to dig. In the summer ofa new union from the East called the Knights of Labor began organizing railroad workers in the Rockies.

Union fever soon spread to the mines—except for those at Rock Springs.

Union Pacific miners elsewhere staged a strike in Octobertheir first in nine years. Among their demands was the dismissal of the Rock Springs Chinese. White miners at Rock Springs showed support for the union by setting fire to a machine shop and demolishing Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian ventilation fan.

The vandalism marked the first time violence had erupted in Rock Springs over the Chinese issue. Although it allowed the strikers to return to work, Union Pacific prohibited any further hiring of Whites. Attacks on Chinese flared around the region during that summer, and the company decided to eliminate all of its white railroad crews. The stage was set for confrontation. On September 1, two white miners and four Chinese quarreled over their ased locations for digging. The next morning, two of the sojourners reported to work early, although it was a Chinese holiday.

As they had been instructed to do, they set explosives to loosen the coal. Shortly after the blast, the two Whites appeared on the scene and complained that the Chinese had stolen their spot. One of the Chinese began insulting one of the Whites and struck at him with a coal pick. A fight broke out, quickly attracting miners of both races. The mayhem continued for half an hour before the foremen arrived. News of the fight scuttled through the coal camp.

Many Whites exited the shafts and refused to go back in. A large group collected guns, knives, axes and bats from their cabins and gathered on the train tracks near Mine Six. The bell clamored atop the Knights of Labor hall. The crowd adjourning to the saloons of Sex Rock Springs Wyoming asian Street quickly became so unruly that the proprietors cleared them out at noon.

A few Chinese on their way home for lunch were surprised by angry Whites who shouted racist slogans and pelted the sojourners with coal and bricks. Further on, warning shots whistled past a few Chinese he. Because of the holiday, many Chinese had stayed at home. They heard reports of the trouble, but most fully expected the company to step in and protect them as it always had.

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Now each passing hour raised more doubts. Early in the afternoon, Chinatown leaders hoisted an emergency flag, warning everyone to remain inside. A rumor that federal troops had been summoned agitated the white mob. The army of spectators that followed close behind included women and children.

Three men crossed the first bridge to give the Chinese a warning: Be out of town in an hour. The sojourners could see the mob now in the distance, but they still expected the company to intercede. Among the Whites, the empty streets provoked a new rumor—that the Chinese were armed and prepared to defend their houses. The crowd lost patience before the hour was up. In two groups, they crossed the creek and sealed off the bridges. One group marched up the hill and opened fire on a pump house and coal shed where some sojourners were hiding.

Rock springs demographics

Lo Sun Chi ran out of the pump house and took a bullet in his back. Liu Tieh Pa made a fatal dash toward the railroad bridge.

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A third man, Liu Chiu Pu, fell dead from a shot through the neck. On the opposite creek bank, the onlookers were cheering. The mob reassembled at the edge of Chinatown proper and hastily mapped out its attack.