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Should i call my ex boyfriend baby seek men especially for life

We've all had our heart broken by a man who decided he wanted to deal with serious personal problems alone.

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Either way, I felt like I had something to lose. It was impossible to forget the guy that he was in the beginning. One of my lowest points was calling from a restricted just to hear him pick up the phone. I could literally feel whatever dignity I had left exit my body. This left absolutely no time to care for myself, let alone heal and deal. And no, I am NOT calling anyone trash.

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When you go through a breakup, there are several things that happen.

Should i answer if my ex calls me?

First, you feel whatever it is you need to feel at that moment in time. Happy, sad, relieved — whatever it is, you have to process your emotions. Then, you can start to move on. Or at least try to move on.

But, at some point, you may feel the urge to reach out to them. Deny it all you want, but with most relationships, that point will come.

So, is calling your ex OK? Honestly, I can't answer that question for you, so I reached out to relationship experts to help tackle the topic. First thing's first: You need to realize that wanting to reach out to an ex is totally normal. It doesn't make you desperate, or sad, or any other insult society can use against any woman who ever feels any kind of emotion.

It is what it is. According to Diana Dorell, intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, there are plenty of reasons why you might feel the need to reach out to an ex.

Again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to call an ex. But if you're tempted to do so, then think about why. Dorell emphasizes that there are actually some good reasons to call your ex.

For instance, "if you share a bank and need some information to close it out, or you share children or pets and need to convey a piece of VIP information," then it's totally OK to reach out to them, she says. If you were really on a break and then you realized that you want to be together, then definitely call your ex, she says.

However, if it isn't an urgent matter or you don't want to get back together, then think long and hard before calling an ex. According to Frank Kermit, dating coach at FrankTalks.

Experts say it's almost never ok to call your ex, so put that phone down

So tread carefully. Odds are, it won't end well. Pretty simple, right? Now, if you're wanting to call an ex for closure, then Dorell has a trick that you should try first. Say everything you have to get out.

And put your hand on your heart when you feel done and just say 'Thank you! I free you and I free myself!

Should you call your ex?

It is done. So yes, you can call your ex if you need to. But if you don't have to, try and refrain. After all, they're an ex for a reason. By Korey Lane.

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