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I'd Signs the end is coming seek friend who loves espanol

I want to share three more prophecies from the Scriptures.

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Jesus has told us that certain s and events will warn us when the time of His Second Coming is near.

Fifteen s before doomsday

For thousands of years, followers of Jesus Christ have looked forward to the Second Coming as a time of peace and joy. But before the Savior comes, the people of the earth will experience great trials and calamities. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be prepared for these troubles. He also expects us to be spiritually ready when the Savior comes in His glory. Throughout the ages God has revealed these s to His prophets.

If we are obedient and faithful, we will study the scriptures and know of the s. Some of the s foretelling the Second Coming of Jesus Christ have already been or are now being fulfilled. Others will be fulfilled in the future. Many of the s are terrifying and dreadful.

The prophets have warned that the earth will experience great turmoil, wickedness, war, and suffering. The prophet Daniel said that the time before the Second Coming would be a time of trouble such as the earth has never known see Daniel Many of these s are being fulfilled.

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Wickedness is everywhere. Nations are constantly at war.

Earthquakes and other calamities are occurring. Many people now suffer from devastating storms, drought, hunger, and diseases. We can be certain that these calamities will become more severe before the Lord comes.

Jesus christ will return to the earth

However, not all the events preceding the Second Coming are dreadful. Many of them bring joy to the world. Prophets of old foretold the Restoration of the gospel.

The Apostle John saw that the gospel would be restored by an angel see Revelation —7. In fulfillment of this prophecy, the angel Moroni and other heavenly visitors brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith.

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The Lord told the Nephites of another : the Book of Mormon would come to their descendants see 3 Nephi These prophecies are now being fulfilled. The Book of Mormon has been brought forth and is being taken to all the world.

Ever since the Restoration of the Church, missionaries have preached the gospel. The missionary effort has increased until now tens of thousands of missionaries preach in many countries of the world in many languages.

Before the Second Coming and during the Millennium, the Lord will provide ways to bring the truth to all nations. Elijah would restore the sealing powers so families could be sealed together. He would also inspire people to be concerned about their ancestors and descendants.

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The prophet Elijah came to Joseph Smith in April Since that time, interest in genealogy and family history has grown. We are also able to perform sealing ordinances in the temples for the living and the dead. The Lord said that when His coming was near, the Lamanites would become a righteous and respected people. Near the time of the coming of Jesus Christ, the faithful Saints will build a righteous city, a city of God, called the New Jerusalem.

Jesus Christ Himself will rule there. See 3 Nephi —25 ; Moses —64 ; Articles of Faith These are only a few of the s that the Lord has given us. The scriptures describe many more. How can we remain calm and at peace even when some of the s are terrifying and dreadful?

He taught this with the parable of the fig tree. He said that when we see a fig tree putting forth leaves, we can tell that summer will soon come.

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Likewise, when we see the s described in the scriptures, we can know that His coming is near. See Matthew — The Lord gives these s to help us.

We can put our lives in order and prepare ourselves and our families for those things yet to come. We have been warned of calamities and told to prepare for them, but we can also look forward to the coming of the Savior and be glad.

Knowing the s of the times can help us

And the earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance; … and their children shall grow up without sin. Matthew —4 discern s of the times.

Gospel Principles. Chapter s of the Second Coming.