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Most people crave social connection. While social media, endless apps, and new technology promises to connect more people, many people feel lonelier than ever. While isolation can be a trigger for loneliness, loneliness and isolation are not identical.

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Both men and women can experience depression, but the s and symptoms can be different. Although the primary symptom of depression for many is often a feeling of sadness, men may have a higher tendency than women to feel anger, demonstrate aggressive feelings, and engage in substance abuse. Due to the different symptoms, and because men are typically less likely to talk about and seek treatment for depression than women, many men may have undiagnosed depression. In this article, we explore the emotional, behavioral, and physical s of depression in men.

We also discuss how to get help.

Read on to learn how to recognize and manage depression in men. Depression is common in men. According to the American Psychological Associationan estimated 9 percent of men in the United States have feelings of depression or anxiety each day, and Doctors may refer to depression as major depression, major depressive disorder, or clinical depression.

Depression is more common in women, affecting However, the of men who die by suicide is four times the of women. One of the reasons for this could be that men are less likely to get a diagnosis of depression. Depression is a ificant risk factor for suicide.

Understanding how depression symptoms might differ between men and women is important. It can help Single and depressed male people aware of depression in themselves and their loved ones. Recognizing depression is the first step toward recovery. Some symptoms of depression are more likely to affect men than women, which could be due to genetic, hormonal, biochemical, or social factors. We look at depression in men in more detail below. The behavioral s of depression can manifest differently in men and women.

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For instance, alcohol and drug use affect men with depression more often than women, and men are more likely than women to display anger attacks and risk-taking behavior. Men with depression may also lose interest in their hobbies and passions or feel less motivated to succeed at work. Men with depression may have less interest in having sex and might have trouble with sexual performance. Some men may find it easier to discuss physical symptoms than mood changes. However, there is a close link between the mind and body. It is vital to share all symptoms with a doctor, even if they seem inificant or irrelevant.

Women with depression may express this as sadness, but some men may be less comfortable outwardly expressing this emotion. Changes to their emotional state can, therefore, become apparent in other ways. These differences may be due to societal expectations of how men and women express emotion. It is likely that men will be less willing to show certain emotions, such as sadness, if they feel that others may judge or criticize them for it. Depression is a mental health condition, but it also has physical symptoms.

Men with depression may experience:. Depression changes the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, which are brain messengers that govern pain and mood. Shared brain cell pathways may link depression and pain.

According to — figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCwomen are almost twice as likely to experience major depression than men. However, it is likely that more men than women avoid reporting depression, so the figures for men may be higher. According to some estimates, two-thirds of people with depression in the U. A doctor may also misdiagnose depression in men. Men may be more likely to report physical symptoms, such as Single and depressed male sleeping, than emotional changes.

As a result, the doctor might give them the wrong diagnosis. Furthermore, people may misinterpret common emotional or behavioral s of depression in men. They may see anger as a personality trait instead of a of depression. A study used criteria to adjust for the different ways in which men and women tend Single and depressed male experience depression. The researchers found that depression was equally prevalent among both genders. Anyone who notices the emotional, behavioral, or physical Single and depressed male that we have discussed in this article may be experiencing depression.

If this is the case, it is essential to see a doctor. Depression is a risk factor for suicide.

Therefore, it is vital that a person with depression receives help as soon as possible. There are several ways to treat depression. Everyone responds to treatment differently, but a doctor can advise a person on which treatment may best suit their needs. Alongside other treatments, certain lifestyle changes and coping strategies can help a person manage depression.

For example:. If a person notices the s of depression in a close male friend, partner, or family member, it is crucial to discuss this with them.

Asking someone who may be experiencing depression how they are feeling is an excellent first step. Trying to be a good listener is important.

Next, encourage them to make an appointment with their doctor. If they feel worried about discussing how they feel emotionally, remind them that they can start by talking about physical symptoms, which will often lead to a broader discussion about other symptoms. It is important to be patient when supporting someone with depression. Sometimes the behavioral s of depression in men may cause relationship difficulties.

New statistics reveal how single men are finding isolation hardest during the pandemic and are struggling more with their mental health

Try discussing issues in a nonjudgmental way. A relationship counselor can help people improve their communication. Anyone who thinks that they may have depression should see a doctor for help.

The doctor may refer them to a mental health specialist so that they get the right treatment. Anyone who feels unsafe due to suicidal thoughts should call or go to the hospital. If a person you are close to talks about suicide, do not ignore this. Speak to their doctor or mental health specialist or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration hotline on for advice.

See the National Institute of Mental Health website for more ways to get help. s of depression in men may differ from s of depression in women. Men are more likely to feel anger and aggressive feelings and to engage in substance abuse or risky behaviors. Increased awareness of the s of depression in men can empower those with this condition to get help. Seeking help for depression is essential. Suicide is a leading preventable cause of death among men.

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Major depression, also called clinical depression, is a serious but manageable mental health condition. With treatment, a person with depression can manage their condition and stay well. People with depression can go on to make a full recovery. Some people frequently wake up tired after sleeping. This could indicate poor sleep habits or an underlying health condition. Read on to learn more. Boosting testosterone levels can have many effects.

Saw palmetto may help boost testosterone levels. Learn about the myths and facts here. There are numerous benefits that may come with having ADHD, including spontaneity and creativity. Learn more. What are the s of depression in men?

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Men and depression Symptoms Behavioral s Emotional s Physical s Why is depression in men often undiagnosed? When to see a doctor Treatment Coping strategies Help a loved one Where to look for help Outlook Both men and women can experience depression, but the s and symptoms can be different.

Men and depression. Share on Pinterest Depression is a mood disorder that can go undiagnosed in men. Symptoms in men and women. Behavioral s in men. Emotional s in Single and depressed male.

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Share on Pinterest Early s of depression can include irritability and frustration. Physical s in men. Why is depression in men often undiagnosed? When to see a doctor. Coping strategies. Share on Pinterest Talking to friends and family is a recommended coping strategy. How to help a loved one with depression. Where to look for help.