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Slippers made in the usa searching friend that loves hardcore

Posted by Tracey Hanson, editor Feb 10,

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Sofstar Shoes is one of the last remaining makers of adult and children footwear that can proudly say that our product is made in the USA. While more expensive than other options, we feel it in a better quality product with a smaller carbon footprint. We choose to make our product here, in the USAbecause we love our craft.

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Posted by Tracey Hanson, editor Feb 10, Are you hunting for a pair of made in USA slippers to wear around the house and keep those tootsies warm?

Footwear for him

Are you searching for a pair of American made moccasins that can be worn outdoors to grab the mail or run errands? Maybe you are looking for the perfect holiday, birthday, or special occasion gift? This list is constantly being updated, so bookmark and check back often. If we missed a source you love, post it in the comments so we can include it with our next edition.

Footskins leather sheepskin moccasin slippers for kids, men, and women are made in Minnesota. Gokey moccasins for men available from Orvis are hand sewn in the USA. Itasca Leathergoods moccasin slippers for men and women are made in Minnesota. A post shared by Itasca Leathergoods itascaleathergoods.

Janska fleece Mocsocks are available in women's and unisex styles. Manimal Moccasins are made in New England for men, women, kids, and babies. North Star Trading Co. Pierrepont Hicks sheepskin interior moccasins for men and women are hand sewn and American made.

Quoddy leather slippers for women and men are hand made in Maine. A post shared by Quoddy quoddymaine. Russell Moccasin Co. Shepherd's Flock sheepskin slippers for men, women, and kids are handmade in Vermont. SoftStar wool crochet slippers with a suede bottom for men, women, and kids are made in Oregon.


Sundance Sheepskin and Leather slippers for women, kids, and men are made in Colorado. The Leather Works sheepskin slippers are hand made in Idaho for men, women, and .

Wassookeag moccasins for men and women are made in Maine. WindWalkers sheepskin slippers for children, men, and women are made in California. It is the place to start your shopping when you want to find the best of American-made. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest - amothersearth. Thank you for all the work you have put into this website! It is a game changer! I use it constantly and it has saved me so much time!

LOVE it! They are refined and beautiful and fully US made. So many great brands here. I really love Steger;s Mukluks, like all of them. I think I need to steer my husband to their web. I had only heard of two of these brands before reading this article. Slippers made in the usa family will be buying slippers for the holidays for elderly family members so I love that I have a list to work from.

Thank you for providing this site! It is so difficult to find products made in the USA. This is so helpful! I ordered a hooded robe from Amazon and when it arrived, I was disgusted but not surprised to find it was made in China. The American people are going to soon realize the huge mistakes made when our stupid, politicians of the past sold out the United States to China and other countries. Probably likewise with the illegal drugs We are now at the mercy of the Chinese leadership and this could very easily become a crippling disaster.

You are absolutely correct but, almost every store will only carry Chinese products because their profit margin is higher and people are used to buying cheap, throwaway Chinese junk. I agree as well Todd. We have constantly looked at labels from origin for the last 10 — 15 years. We saw a Frontline documentary on PBS many years ago. They did a show on china products — had a WalMart employee interviewed. Not sure we can blame politicians for losing manufacturing to lower cost producing countries.

Companies are driven by profit. Thanks for posting this information. Whenever possible I try to buy American, and it is a real challenge finding companies that consistently do so.

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Your blog will certainly expedite my search. Thanks again. Is Okabashi considered a slipper? Slippers made in the usa if not, a quality USA product at a price where most is junk. I like the picture of the Itasca leathergoods mocassin picture. Thank you for the picture.

I love the Janska Mocsocks!! Wearing them right now—on my 2nd pair!! They are so comfortable,easy to put on, easy to pack for travel, and can be worn while traveling, too! This is just an article listing USA made slipper companies. Good luck! Great article. Snowy Bluffs Slipper Co. We only share stuff we love. We may earn a small commission if you buy through our links.

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Is Pierrepont Hicks still in business?

Garahy Jan on February 6, at am. What is the brand of the slipper shown on your Title ? Thank you! Sharyn on January 10, at pm.

Made in the usa

I am looking for non leather, non wool slippers made in the US. Any suggestions? George on December 6, at pm. Hi Tracey, Thanks for posting this information. Joe on October 29, at am. Jay Jorgenson on October 1, at am. Cicero Leather on May 31, at pm.