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And big enough to stay home and serve as your sole television set. In addition to its glare-free screen, the has something that's rather rare in port- able black and whites. It has all solid-state cir- cuitry for more dependable, trouble-free viewing Get the big picture? You will — inside and out— on the Sonyhe all-purpose portable.

Most of them come from the Caribbean and Latin America, and many of them are hardworking members of society — but which so- ciety? Because they are under threat of deportation, they are forced to connive, lie, and cheat in order to hang on to their jobs and to continue to send money back home. Our new contributing editor, Orde Coombs, has spent some time with one of these men-in-hiding and reports herewith on an under- ground way of life that we had better start paying some attention to. Samuels argues. If the city cannot voluntarily renegotiate with creditors the enormous debt that is crushing it, he says, the city would be far better off doing the one thing it has tried so desperately to avoid — default.

Under legislation soon to be ed, default would force a restructuring of the city's debt.

Unless that is accomplished, says Mr. Samuels, the former Democratic candidate for governor, now teaching urban economics, the city's economy has no hope of going anywhere but further down. By Anthony Sampson Payoffs from Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Bur- bank, where the armament firm is headquartered, have flowed to at least fifteen nations in the past two decades.

The disclosures have precipitated serious political crises in at least six of them. Here, Mr. Sampson, the distinguished British journalist, raises a question not yet addressed as the story has un- folded: who, in the end, corrupted whom? Sampson reports on the awe with which Europeans, notably, regard the ability of Americans to lay bare their own corruption and also, the fear that such candor upsets a delicate balance abroad, where cer- tain kinds of corruption have long had their place.

Also ostriches.

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Hess Mr. Hess views with some trepidation and pessi- mism the Museum of Modern Art's plan to convert its air rights into a story luxury apartment tower. His hoary magic can still charm. Reid owns stock in companies that come under his authority as chairman of the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

He has disclosed this to the appropriate review board, but he resists selling the stocks. Question: is disclosure enough? 72 The Artful Lodger: Invitation to a Hanging By Elane Feldman Everyone needs hooks to keep closet and cupboard overflow off the floor, but a good-looking hook is hard to find.

Feldman has found seventeen such devices, however, and each is so handsome it's al- most a shame to cover it up. 82 The Urban Strategist: St. Traditional Irish reels, songs, and dances are finally coming into their own in New York, and they can be heard, played, or danced to all over town.

Illustration by Haruo Miyauchi. Alt rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Milton Claser, Chairman; Clay S. Felker, President; John C. Thomas Jr. Second-class postage paid at New York, N. Editorial and business offices: YU Subscription rates in U. Because it's smooth, mellow and has its own unique Scotch taste. And it hasn't changed a bit since John Begg Scotch, years of quality. Imported by and bottled in U. Rosenberg Comptroller: John D. Bo Macdonald, N. Michigan Ave.

SuiteChicago, III. President: Clay S. Patricof Chairman: Armand G. Erpt Simplicity. That is the secret behind the Erno Laszlo Skincare System and the reason why it works.

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There is nothing extraneous in the Erno Laszlo Beauty Ritual. Here's how it works. First you meet with a trained specialist whoanalyzesyourskin. She determines its needs based on asking you impor- tant questions about your skin and then studying the answers. Then she prescribes a simple Beauty Ritual for you alone.

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In less time than you ever thought possible, your skin will glow with the look of good health and natural beauty. The Erno Laszlo Skincare System. It's not fancy. But it works wonders.

Ask the many beautiful women who sub- scribe to it. Its big flavor can taste harsh towards the end of the day. Reason 2: The low 'tar' cigarette When it filters out rough taste, it can leave you with no taste. You've run the gamut.

You're ready for the Third Cigarette. We back up our full, nch tobacco flavor with a selective filter probably the most expensive filter in the world. It actually selects out the things that can make smoke rough-tasting.

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And delivers only pure pleasure, all day long. Chances are the Third Cigarette is the one you can stay with. Tastes rich but not rough. Tastes smooth but not weak. King: 18 mg. Senator," I take strong exception to a spokesperson for Governor Carey remarking, "She'd go up to somewhere like Utica, take one look at the place, and expire.

I, for one, think her candidacy would be a breath of fresh air, and I would support her vigorously. Dorothy Clark Utica, N. While Captain Walker speaks of violence and youth gangs in Fort Apache, his article contributes to and reinforces a typical white, suburban view of those people who live like ani- mals in "those places in horrible New York City.

This community has been con- sistently forgotten.