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I am hunt for femme who Smith wesson model 37 airweight filipina

If you are familiar with this particular firearm, then you know how many other models are similar, if not almost identical, to the Model I happened to get my hands on one of these cool little revolvers.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jun 24, Went to the very little local gun show this morning and spotted this Model 37 no dash 3". No box but looks new.

Model 37 airweight

Serial JXX. If anyone's got any further info on the model, chime in because it's the only alloy frame revolver I now own and know nothing about them. Got it for 4 bills out the door. ed Feb 9, I've got one Smith wesson model 37 airweight a 2in barrel. One of my favorite carry guns. I replace the stock hammer with one from a Mod. Square butt J's are harder to find grips for than round butt J's. A 3in barrel gives a bit more velocity too. I also have a steel frame Mod. Good revolver for training new shooters. ed Jul 7, The screws are timed which might indicate a gunsmith did an action job.

At any rate a 3" bbl. Injunbro said:. ed Jan 19, I had a 2" Model 37 that now resides with forum member Critter. Yes the felt recoil is more than a steel frame, but it never bothered me at all, I could shoot it all day.

On the other hand, I had a Model 12 snub K-frame alloy and no matter what I shot or the grips I used, that gun would tear my hand up!

I sold it to friend at work who loves it. I've never been able to figure out how the larger frame would seem to bother me and the smaller J-frame didn't Nice looking gun you have, I think you're going to like it! ed Nov 23, I used to own two 3" barreled model 36's and found I could shoot them as well as a revolver with 4" barrel.

I think your new model 37 should make a good carry revolver. ed Apr 10, Blackcloud2 said:. ed Aug 5, Very nice pick up. That should make a very nice carry piece. I also like the 3" versions.

Smith wesson 37 airweight pistol price and historical value

Seem to balance well and I can see the sights a little better. Just bought a 3" JP Sauer that I will post tomorrow maybe.

ed Apr 11, About three years ago I made a similar purchase but with a round butt. The gun may have been shot five times. The shop owner said the seller sold the gun and 45 rounds of ammo. I got the gun for the same price you paid. I have yet to get a holster, perhaps this fall or winter.

You made a very nice purchase, enjoy! ed Mar 28, That looks like a fine gun show find! ed Nov 29, I like the 3" J frames also. Here is my Not in perfect condition and shows some holster wear. The recoil is no problem with standard pressure 38 special.

ed May 1, Yes, three inch J frames are very handy pieces to have. Mine's a Model I also like a Model I've been shooting J Frames for many years and I'm here to tell ya, they're a whole more accurate than many folks give em credit for being I realize that I'm preaching to the choir here. Best Regards, Geezer.

Gun review: smith & wesson 37 airweight

ed Nov 26, Pretty nice for something about 35 years old. Here's my 3" M I would have to check but I think it's Can't believe how light they are. the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

Smith & wesson model 37 airweight 38 special revolver, mfg date (used)

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