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I'm Soi 6 1 friend who loves lapdance

Sometimes referred to as Soi Yodsak or Soi Half a Dozen, it is one of those parts of Pattaya where very nearly every single establishment is a bar and the girls are very

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To be a regular visitor you need to be hardened to the city and to what goes on behind closed doors as well as having a need to be very Soi 6 1. If you are wanting to get things off to something of a quieter start then you could always begin your journey in the Queen Victoria Inn. As you can probably guess, this is a very British style pub where you can watch the antics of Soi 6 from a safe distance.

It is located towards the top of the soi so you will have to run the gauntlet regardless of if you come from the Beach Road end or Second Road. The food and drinks are excellent and well-priced. The open bars tend to be more relaxed with the inside bars being much more in your face.

Some bars such as Ruby Club, midway down the soi is a combination of both. They have some extremely friendly and welcoming ladies with whom you can spend a few hours drinking or doing whatever. Almost all of the bars in the soi have rooms upstairs that you can relax in.

Some have on-suite showers although this is probably the minority. Drinks generally in the soi are normal bar prices and the same goes for lady drinks.

However, most of the girls are not really interested in just sitting and drinking if you have no intention of spending any time with them in private. Most bars Soi 6 1 full of mainly ladies although some do have a few ladyboys working there so this is something that you should beware before you venture down the soi. Also, there are several bars where only ladyboys work but these are fairly apparent and can easily be avoided if you so wish.

Do expect the ladyboys to come up to you, especially if you seem nervous but this is largely just teasing. In addition to all the bars, you will also find several massage shops where the ladies can help you relax after seeing the sights.

These girls tend to be less confrontational which is something which some people are more comfortable with. The best way to enjoy Soi 6 is with an open mind.

So people love the soi whilst others are repulsed. Whichever group you fit into it is well worth giving it a try even if it is only once.

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Share this. Probably the most famous or should we same infamous soi in Pattaya.

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