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Speed limits in Germany are set by the federal government. Any person driving a vehicle may only drive so fast that the car is under control. Speeds must be adapted to the road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions as well as the personal skills and characteristics of the vehicle and load. This requirement applies to all ro, and is similar to the "reasonable speed" legal obligation levied in other nations. Speed limits are enforced with a small tolerance. In December the West German legislature voted to abolish all speed limits, [6] reverting to State-level decisions.

Moreover, the law forbids travel at speeds that would extend the vehicle's minimum halting distance beyond the driver's line of sight Sicherheitsabstand. The introduction of a national speed limit for motorways and similar ro Speed dating hamburg uber 50 been on the agenda of various political and environmentalist groups for decades, but at present, there are no plans on behalf of the federal government regarding the matter. However, most Germans are in favour of a general speed limit.

In Maythe Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat [ de ] made a tight decision in favor of a general speed limit of kilometers per hour on autobahns. The Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.

The Evangelical Church in Central Speed dating hamburg uber 50 EKM submitted a petition to the Bundestag in for the intruduction of a general speed limit of kilometers per hour on motorways in Germany. Inthe Bundesrat rejected a speed limit on autobahns, which was requested by its environmental committee. The news website Business Insider believes the lack of a general speed limit on autobahns is holding back the development of autonomous vehicles in Germany. In terms of range and energy efficiencydrivers of electric cars need a stable flow of traffic that rarely requires braking and then accelerating, which is beneficial or even necessary to ensure a long-term return on investment.

Such a traffic flow could be achieved with the help of a speed limit through more even speeds. A study from Brandenburg came to the conclusion that a speed limit on autobahns could harmonize the flow of traffic and increase the road capacity. Speed dating hamburg uber 50 congestion and traffic researchers believe that with a speed limit, traffic flow would improve due to smaller speed differentials and accompanying more consistent travel speeds, which would increase road capacity and reduce the risk of congestion.

A general speed limit would also reduce CO 2 emissions. Tire abrasion caused by fast driving and frequent braking and acceleration, which le to particulate mattercould also be reduced by a speed limit. Furthermore, a speed limit would reduce noise pollution. In addition, production costs and thus the final costs of cars could be reduced if they no longer had to be deed for high speeds.

An often cited argument for a general speed limit is also that it would reduce the of road accidents.

See below. Environmental or safety concerns were not considered at the time.

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The measure only lasted from December to March ; while the Schmidt administration and the Bundestag were in favor of keeping the speed limit, the Bundesrat successfully pushed to repeal the law in early As a compromise, a non-binding advisory speed limit Empfohlene Richtgeschwindigkeit was later introduced in on Autobahns and "highways outside of built-up areas with a center divide or without a centre divide and a continuous lane for overtaking in both directions".

The law is basically still in effect today, although unrestricted non-Autobahn highways have since become virtually non-existent. In contrast to the idea of being non-binding, a decision by Germany's Federal Court of Justice stated that the advisory speed limit must be observed, and that a motorist causing an accident at higher speeds cannot claim unforeseeable events as a defense. The Umweltbundesamt Federal Environmental Agency repeated its recommendation of a binding blanket speed limit in earlybut the Merkel administration saw no need for it.

A party convention held by the SPD resulted in the addition of a call for an Autobahn speed limit to the party's platformagainst resistance within the SPD's own ranks. Even without a blanket speed limit, state and even local authorities have the Speed dating hamburg uber 50 to restrict speeds.

After over a decade of almost complete absence from political discourse, the issue of imposing a blanket maximum speed limit on German Autobahns was readdressed by a German federal government committee on the future of mobility and emission reduction in January In its first preliminary report, the committee recommended higher fuel prices and the introduction of an Autobahn speed limit among other measures. This advisory speed limit is taken into by the case law. For instance someone who exceeds the target speed by about 60 percent, for no other reason than reaching home earlier, forbids any capacity to avoid an accident.

The autobahn fatality rate of 1.

No cyclists, no pedestrians, no crossing traffic, hardly any direct oncoming traffic. In that sense, it's not surprising that autobahns are relatively safe ro [compared to other road types]". According to a report by the Federal Statistical Officefast driving is the main cause of accidents on autobahns. According to the edition of the European Road Safety Observatory's Traffic Safety Basic Facts report, an above-average of accidents end in fatalities on a kilometer stretch of highway in Germany compared to other EU countries.

According to Bernhard Schlag, unsafe and older drivers in particular would avoid the autobahn because they perceive the high speed differentials and very fast drivers as scary, and instead congregate on rural ro where the risk of accidents is higher anyway. Inthe autobahn rate of 1. Whereas accidents without involved trucks are decreasing again.

Inrural ro spanned approximatelykilometers in length, and killed at least 1, people. Motorways crossing cities count as normal Autobahns and can be used for travel within larger cities in many cases. Overview of speed limits in Germany. Retrieved 10 September Im Oktober drosselten die Nazis das Tempo. Selbst innerorts durfte gerast werden.

But few know that until 1 September there were no limits at all; race speeds were legal even in towns]". Nicht die Nazi-Handschrift war das Problem am Gesetz, sondern Technikbegeisterung, verbunden mit dem allgemeinen Taumel der Wirtschaftswunderzeit. In der Folge stieg die Zahl der Verkehrstoten stark an. Eine hitzige Diskussion um ein allgemeines Tempolimit entbrannte.

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German Society for Technical Cooperation. Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 17 September The astonishing reduction of traffic accident rates after the German Reunification could only be realised through the coordinated effort of different organisations. Therefore, it is impossible to quantify the impact of a single organisation or programme Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 31 December Germans think it's time to change that". Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 3 June Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.

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