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In our lesson we covered a few ways to give compliments. The strange thing is the first thing many people want to learn in a foreign language is the swear words and insults.

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Thai swear words and insults. a complete guide to basic thai swearing for foreigners.

Thai swear words are often used among friends and especially among family members in a provincial area. Here I will tell you some of my personal stories while giving you guidelines on how to use Thai swear words. You can be talking to yourself about the bad situation that happened. Below I bring you a list of commonly used insult titles and pronouns in the table. When my parents fight.

In fact, I was just copying how my parents call my brother. It means more like small little bastar dlittle cutie I wanna smack your butt cause you are too cute kinda feeling.


When I was in university. Most of my friends use this on a daily basis.

Not when they are angry but in everyday life. This can add to the richness of your vocabulary but before you get to that level, I rather you not use the insult words as a joke. They have quite a big family.

Koh rang yai

Some of them work in an ice factory, some sell food in the market. They swear on a daily basis.

I hear the words You Water Buffalo! In English, there are words like very, freaking, etc… The same in Thai too. Let me map them down for you.

Did you know that Your mother and Your father can become bad words too? Please see the article I wrote for examples. If you just want to sound rude in General then you can use SA! In the following example, suppose you are on the phone with your best friend that just backstabbed you by talking badly about your girlfriend.

This is an example of how the conversation would go:. This is all you need to know about Thai swear words and insults. Use them only if you have friends that use them around you because if you just randomly use these words then Thai people will think badly about you.

You will receive my E-book which contains useful phrases and expressions. You will also get corresponding audios so you can practice listening!

up! Thai swear words and insults.

A complete guide to basic Thai swearing for foreigners. Table Of Contents. Visit italki to learn Thai with native teachers.

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