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Talking to the opposite sex picking female that like exotic

Here are five awkward conversations with the opposite sex…. I try my best to stay in touch with most of the people in my world.

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Continuing a conversation is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks, and it gets all the more problematic when it is done with the opposite sex. First conversations between the opposite sexes make us feel uneasy, self- conscious and tongue- tied. Except for those supremely talented, friendly and approachable people, who are experts at flowing a conversation smoothly, most of us stagger when we need to speak to the opposite sex.

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We all know how hard it can be to communicate with the opposite sex. There are very easy explanations for this so here are 8 tips to help you understand how to better communicate to the opposite sex. I love these tips. Too often we forget how to communicate which can lead to a disaster in a relationship.

Wish my hubs was. It usually helps me see it from his point of view. Women do tend to be more emotional! I really love this post.

Master the art of communicating with the opposite sex — here’s how

Men and women can be a bit like cats and dogs at times. These are great tips! These are all great tips and I wish more people would listen to them. There might be less divorce in the country if we would just sit down and listen to each other put emotions to the side. I think this post would be great for both me and my husband to read together.

How to keep the conversation going with the opposite sex

My husband and I communicate all the time. We need to keep each other in the know about ourselves and our family. But we do also understand the importance of just being there for each other even in silence. Listening is hard, but it improves communication with anyone. We really all need to slow down and try to understand what other people are saying. This is great. Listening is hard but it is so important.

8 tips on better communication with the opposite sex

Especially after being in a long term relationship you cannot get into the rut of taking your ificant other for granted and you have to invest your time and effort into the relationship. Thank you for sharing this. Communication is so important in a relationship!!

These are great tips for any relationship with the oppoosite sex. Your point on listening is exactly right. Active listening means hearing, considering and even asking or restating to be sure you understand.

5 awkward conversations with the opposite sex

These are great tips. I think communication is so, so important. I recently poured my heart out to my husband about something that has really been bothering me. I was surprised and thankful he was so receptive. These are all great tips.

For me the most important thing you can do to have a healthy relationship is have great communication. These are good things to keep in mind when communicating with the opposite sex.

No games! Being a great communicator is something I have to constantly work on.

Making the case for shooting your shot

These tips can go a long way in a relationship. It can be so difficult sometimes to put up with one another, but remembering this simple things can make all the difference in creating a healthy, lasting relationship. These are all really great tips. Sometimes its so hard to communicate. Communication is really important though. Home Contact About Kita Blog. Ladies, this one is more aimed at us, for the most part. We want them to see things the way we do but they have a really difficult time doing that.

Men, the main emotion that can get in your way is indifference or your ego. If the women are expected to put up with your quirks, try to be understanding of theirs as well. You will never understand it fully but doing your best is all they ever ask.

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Forget your pride. In discussions, especially these days, people always want to be the one that prevails. Of course, I mean, who likes losing or failing? Nobody does. Put yourself in their shoes. So, stepping back and seeing things from their perspective in the best way we know how, tends to give us a bit more understanding concerning their actions, etc.

Ladies, we talk…a lot.

So, shut that pie hole and let the man have a bit to talk. I have often times sat there in silence which sounds silly however, my husband would eventually say something and as long as I stayed quieter, he would just yack away once he got into it. People respond to each other but rarely is it a true response. Actually communicate. Men and women alike more men it seems have problems with communicating in general. Be detailed. The only problem is, one minor detailed being left out can make a big difference.

When she dated her now husband, they lived quite a distance from each other so they had to rely on communication as a connection. She will be the first to tell you that too much communication le to fights.

Sometimes the best communication is silence. Please follow and like us:. Related Posts [jetpack-related-posts].

Comments Hey Kita, I love these tips. Communications is such an important feature to nourish when you are married.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to the opposite sex

Great suggestions. I know I always have to watch myself because I hate losing so much! Talk Tuesday Get all the tea, freebies, and laughter with me every other Tuesday!

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