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Death introduces himself as the narrator of the book. He lists the main elements of the story to come, and reveals that he has seen the main character, the book thief, three times. The first time he saw her was on a train where he had come to collect the soul of a small boy. The book thief watched him take the boy with tears frozen to her face.

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Primary Characters Liesel Meminger is the book thief. She is 9 years old at the beginning of the story, when after the death of her brother she is taken in by the Hubermann family. Once a reluctant soldier during World War I, he is a house painter and accordionist.

He teaches Liesel to read. She washes and irons clothing for the wealthy people of Molching.

He is one of six children and is obsessed with American track athlete Jesse Owens. Secondary Characters listed in alphabetical order by last name Klaus Behrig is a neighborhood boy. Liesel runs into him on purpose during a game of soccer.

Arthur Berg is the leader of a group of young thieves who steal food. He shows kindness to Liesel and Rudy, and proves to be fair. He is cruel to the others. Frau Diller is the owner of the corner shop and a fervent Nazi sympathizer. Wolfgang Edel is a Nazi Party acquaintance of Hans.

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The Fielders are a family that lives six houses down from the Memingers. Their basement serves as a bomb shelter during air raids. Wenzel Gruber is the first boy Max fought with as. Fritz Hammer is an older neighborhood boy who introduces Liesel and Rudy to the gang of thieves. Herr Heckenstaller is a supervising teacher who oversees the humiliating medical examination of Rudy and other boys who are being considered for elite Nazi schools.

Frau Heinrich is the woman from the foster care agency who brings Liesel to the Hubermann home. Heinz Hermann is the mayor of the town of Molching. Ilsa Hermann is the wife of the mayor of Molching.

She introduces Liesel to her library. She spits on their door every time she walks past.

He never returns from the war. Hans Hubermann, Jr. He is a Nazi Party member who believes his father is a coward for not supporting Hitler. She is a live-in housemaid for a wealthy Munich family. Joel Kleinmann is a Jewish shopkeeper whose store door is defaced, then repainted by Hans Hubermann.

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Walter helps Max hide from the Nazis before he goes to the Hubermann home. Thomas Mamer is a grocer who calls for police when Rudy steals the largest potato. Teacher Herr Link defends Rudy.

Her husband was taken away for being a communist and Paula awaits the same fate. Harald Mollenhauer is a neighborhood boy and a leader in the Himmel street soccer games. He has chronic ear infections, twitches a lot and is not athletically inclined.

Pfiffikus is an old man who likes to whistle. The children taunt him and he taunts them back. He makes fun of her for not being able to read, and Liesel beats him up.

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Hans Hubermann is a member of his unit. He owns a tailor shop and is a member of the Nazi Party but does not hate Jews. Dieter Westheimer is the owner of a bar called the Knoller. Content last updated: October 31, Footer Menu.

Prologue and part one

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