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Tweets by DDBgov. Facts About Drug Abuse. Despite the seemingly tamed and glamorized idea of drug use, it must be remembered that it can still lead to abuse, addiction, legal offenses, serious health problems, and even death.

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Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person's body works. You've probably heard that drugs are bad for you, but what does that mean and why are they bad?

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10 facts about drugs you probably didn’t know

For more information on how we use cookies please visit our Cookie Policy. There are no easy answers to the problems caused by drug use, but knowing the facts can help you deal with drugs issues.

Fact: Some drugs can create addiction or dependence much quicker than others. Using a drug even once can cause serious problems.

Addiction depends on the what, who, why, where and how of drug use. Fact: Addiction or dependency is not the only problem drugs can cause.

Some people have problems the first time they use a drug, or problems may develop as you use them more often. Drug use can affect your physical and mental health, your family life, relationships and your work or study.

Using illegal drugs can also get you into trouble with the law or cause money problems. Fact: Different drugs can harm you in different ways.

Some drugs, such as heroin, are regarded as more dangerous because they have a higher risk of addiction and overdose, or because they are injected. However, each drug has its own risks.

Fact: Most young people are introduced to illegal drugs by a friend or someone they know. For more information on how we use cookies please visit our Cookie Policy Accept and close.