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The song was written by the band's lead vocalist and bassist Sting. It went on to become the band's second No.

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Walking on the moon

Walking On The Moon song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 36 Comments. My Interpretation I have a very personal interpretation for this track.

Basically, at the minute, I am working with a woman to whom I'm quite attracted. However, she doesn't feel the same, so I've got to move on and forget about her. However, that's easier said than done. Just two weeks ago, I happened to be in work and this song came on the radio and got me thinking of the girl in question and my feelings for her.

I'm taking giant risks and walking on thin ice at the same time because I'm in love with this woman and I also have to work with her. Pretty self-explanatory, I hope my heart doesn't break by being in love with her. If I were to win her heart, there's nothing I wouldn't do for her.

She would make me so happy. Some people know of my feelings for her and tell me to 'keep dreaming', but "tomorrow's another day", as Sting says.

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Even though I accept that I may never get to be with her, I will 'keep it up', as Sting informs. Basically, here he is saying that 'a man can dream.

There was an error. Did you end up getting the girl??

We need to know! General Comment I'm pretty sure no one's leg can break while walking on the Moon. No Replies Log in to reply.

General Comment yeh, i think guitarboy is definitely right, i think hes using his leg as a metaphor for his heart as well. Schr4nz on May 26, Link.

Schr4nz I like this song a lot. So I came to look at the lyrics. Yes I think I agree with people here. It was written in time of incredible space exploration. But for person singing Walking On the Moon is impossible. It is a fantasy.

Walking on the moon songtext

He can see the woman he would like to be with but she doesn't feel the same way Bug Al on November 07, General Comment The tempo is just right for the lyrics, too welshbard on December 12, Link. General Comment I think this song is about wanting to be in love with a girl.

It feels like he's walking on the moon when he's been with her. He's optimistic they'll eventually get together but others aren't so sure. That's my interpretation. GuitarBoy on June 06, Link.

General Comment I must have been the man you envisioned. This song came unbidden to my head after just such an event a few years ago. Boss Man on July 09, Link.

Walking on the moon - the police

Boss Man. General Comment yeh i think schrr4nz summed it up, its a straight up love song liek most of the police's tunes, still awesome though prolly my favourite police song barret on December 31, Link. General Comment Being in love is so magical, we never want it to stop.

It's like walking on the moon, or even better. Still, we know it's dangerous, because when it ends we can end up with a broken leg heart.

That's my take on this song. I agree with the other comments, specially with apcmdn Outernationalist on October 21, Link. General Comment This song is badass.

It's basically that the writer wants this relationship to last forever and not ever have to get fucked over in love. Lateralus on June 11, Link. General Comment Emotional vs Logical thinking. Emotional "clouded"- We could walk forever, walking on the moon, we could be together Logical- Some may say I'm wishing my days away, no away, and if it's the price I pay That is a great interpretation!

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