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Hostess lady hunting for guy Tips for better kissing for life

Being a good kisser is not just good for getting a second or third datebut is part of what scores you a partner. Definitely not because there are ways to be a better kisser and we have the goods.

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And after surviving that first real kiss, complete with snagged Tips for better kissing and an accidental transfer of gum, we eventually got confident enough to reach for a bra hook or work in some neck and ear play so naughtyyy! But at what point does one become an expert lip-locker? Aside from a general notion of what feels good versus what feels bad, most of us are just winging it out there. Shannon Chavez, a d psychologist and certified sex therapist in Beverly Hills. Giving your grandma a peck on the cheek should be a different sensation than playing tonsil hockey with that hot barista at your local coffee shop.

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How to kiss a man - top kissing tips for women

Despite that, though, a few creative kissing tips never hurt anyone. We may no longer be in middle school wondering how exactly we put our lips together and kiss like we see on TV. We've probably even tried some unique kissing techniques that we've read worked in a magazine, or saw in a Lifetime movie.

With all that being said, we should always be improving ourselves, right? That means in every area of our lives — including kissing. As a matchmaker for It's Just Lunch Seattle and dating expert, I know how much emphasis is placed on the kiss. So, open up your minds when it comes to opening up your mouth.

The best kissing tips and techniques, according to women

Here are seven unexpected ways to kiss better. People generally like surprises, so why not surprise your mate with a kiss?

Smooch your partner out of the blue and others will be green with envy. Lick your lovers lips with your tongue. Or, use more for a moment and then slow it down giving only a taste of your tongue.

Leaving your kissing partner wanting more is key. Same goes with kisses, leave your partner wishing for more.

Take this one step further and make your lips taste delicious. Then, you can go and buy chapstick accordingly.

21 ways to improve your kissing skills

Play with it! Go for his or her bottom lip sometimes, or even a kiss on the forehead can make your lover feel like a million dollars.

Furthermore, bring the hickey back. Lead up to the kiss by talking about it.

Think of it as kissing foreplay. Text your sweetie throughout the day about how much you want to make-out with him or her. Sure, a hot make-out session in bed is amazing.

But so is grabbing a hold of your love and kissing him or her in the middle of a hike. Or, at a family gathering, pull your partner into a hidden and room and get your peck on.

Now that you know these tips, it's up to you to show the world just how well you can get your smooch on. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? Check out our new podcast, I Want It That Waywhich delves into the difficult and downright dirty parts of a relationship, and find more on our Soundcloud. By Sara Altschule.