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Psychic Testimonials Choosing a real Psychic Medium The very best way to choose the best psychic aka fortune teller aka clairvoyant or whatever psychic type you choose for your needs is by way of a referral from someone you know who was satisfied with their reading. When this information is not available to you, you must take great care to choose wisely.

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May your Future bring to you all the Joy your Heart can hold and Valerie's phone is kept busy with clients calling to make appointments from every City and State in the USA and Internationally from the rest of the World. Additionally Valerie can also be heard on her Talk Radio Show where you may call Valerie morrison reviews with your "One Free Question" about your concerns for Valerie was given this award from the Mayor of Philadelphia for her prediction that the Mayor confirmed to have saved his life.

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With your Job, Finances, Relationships, Children, etc. Call or PsychicValerieMorrison comcast. During the course of one of these social encounters with Valerie she had overheard me complaining to someone about my ribs being sore which I believed was caused by a recent fall I had taken down the steps at my parent's home. Valerie came over to me, and with her proclamation of our Valerie morrison reviews social encounters now to her a friendship kindly acknowledged and with my privacy assured, respectfully said to me that she believed that there was something else more severally wrong with me and insisted that I immediately get a thorough battery of blood tests taken as a precaution.

I of course resisted her notion but with her unwavering and continued gentle persistence, I finally agreed. When the were in and with Valerie insisting to be Valerie morrison reviews my side at the specialist's office, the blood work revealed that I was in the final stage of a Bone Cancer with the prognosis of few months of survivability.

I had heard many stories from others about Valerie's unusual attributes as a psychic but I never thought I would come to ever experience it myself first hand. I discovered later in speaking with Valerie's manager that, in addition to Valerie's other psychic talents, what Valerie had "seen" and "felt" for me about my physical state of health was not unusual Valerie morrison reviews she occasionally will experience this paranormal "sight" and that over the course of her career of many many years she has Valerie morrison reviews letters from doctors puzzled and in awe of those that she referred to them for second opinions with similarly undiscovered hidden ailments that no doubt had saved or extended many lives.

Immediately I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant procedures. God Bless you Valerie for the risk you took confronting me with your "feelings" that most other non believers might have been angered by and ridiculed you for.


You are a true kind hearted and caring soul. Valerie morrison reviews recent reading with you on the phone proved to be just as accurate as having psychic readings with you at your office in the past. Your phone reading with me additionally was very helpful to me as your advice and guidance also provided me hope for the future. I wish to thank you again as I admire the service that you provide to your clients both as a counselor and a psychic.

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Christine D. In reading your website I found that you do not sell any of these things and found it to be a very refreshing change as most psychics during their readings try to sell you these things to make as much money on you as possible. In addition to your extraordinary credentials, having this added respect for you was one of the reasons I made a appointment Valerie morrison reviews you for myself.

Thank you for being so reputable, doing what you do with "no strings attached" only psychically and also offering your completely free psychic readings when you do your monthly radio show. You are a true and genuine psychic clairvoyant that helps people without helping yourself. Ali B. How do I spell psychic?

Thank you Valerie for all that you have done for me. Judy Valerie morrison reviews. Being impressed with your psychic ability and the many awards you received doing what you do, I made an appointment with you 3 months ago.

During my reading, you provided me with what I needed to know about my impending future. I must say that your predictions about my future proved to be very accurate as many, since my reading 3 months ago, have come true. Thank you so much Valerie for your guidance and advice as it has been very much appreciated.

Cori T. Thank you for providing this service, the First Monday of every Month from 7 PM Valerie morrison reviews 8 PM, that allows people to get mini psychic readings free by tuning into your monthly radio show. Your psychic online readings that you provide via the radio station's monthly live streaming with you as their guest psychic is very much enjoyed by me and my friends. Until your next radio show Thanks so much Lisa J. Having a psychic reading by phone also eliminates my great fear of Valerie morrison reviews as well.

With this in mind and after having a psychic phone reading with you, I must say that I was blown away with your ability. Thank you so much for what you do. Kathy N. Psychic Valerie Not having a local psychic around me where I live, I was looking to get a psychic reading on the phone. As with no psychic readers near me my phone psychic reading with you proved to be enormously enlightening to me.

When one finds themselves having to talk to a psychic from afar, you are by far the best! Thank you Ms. Valerie Irene D. Later I got a california psychics but again I was speaking to a different psychic each time.

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I found, in my case, that these california psychics free readings to not be dependable and decided not to use the "phone psychics" but to pursue finding those psychics that provided local psychic readings near me in my hometown in West Chester, PA.

That is when I found you not far from me and I must say that you are all that I have been looking for in a psychic and more. Thank you so much for giving me a medium psychic reading as it has helped me so much with the guilt feeling that I have been carrying around Valerie morrison reviews me for many months.

The things you told me only I knew. You are indeed unquestionably genuine and the best psychic reading medium that I ever had the good fortune of meeting. Nellie N. You're on air psychic radio reviews were many and keep coming from all your listeners and all during your spirit talk radio shows over the years I had met people from time to time who had readings from you Valerie morrison reviews had said so many wonderful things about you.

As you know I finally made an appointment with you last month and I must say to you once again that I was very impressed with all that you had to say about me during my reading. Please enjoy your evening knowing you have yet another believer in all your Valerie morrison reviews talk and cosmic abilities.

Jackie P. Realizing that you were not a medium in new jersey but that your office is in Philadelphia and it was only a short hop over the bridge from my house and I am so very glad I made the short trip to see you. My psychic reading with you was outstanding. Thank you for your session about my husband who had passed and his message from the grave to me that no one else could have known or even guessed.

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It has brought me so much comfort and closure. Patty W. Of all the mediums on tv you are a True Psychic Seer. God Bless You! Patty M. This you have demonstrated to my astonishment at my reading with you the other day. You have given me much to ponder. It was great to talk to a medium Valerie morrison reviews that knows what they're doing. For you to be a psychic on tv news reports, interviews, etc.

There are only a handful of famous psychic mediums, as are you, to be relied upon. God Bless you and thank you again for Valerie morrison reviews your guidance. Ann N. Your radio show is also a great way for us shut-ins who can't drive, to call a psychic rather than not being able to ever see one at all. Thank you for your kind consideration for us less fortunate people to be able to call psychic Valerie Morrison to talk to you about our concerns on your radio show. It has been very helpful listening to your advice and your psychic readings live on the air.

Dorothy N. I really enjoyed seeing your Psychic Detectives episode. Thank you for helping law enforcement when you are called upon to help.

I see also that you are listed amongst the best American psychics as well. Keep up the good humanitarian work that you do and know that you are fully appreciated by many.

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Shelly A. I thank you for allowing free psychic readings over the phone during your Radio Show. Please also thank the Radio Host Steve Tatz for me for repeatedly giving out his Radio Studio's psychic phone to all us listeners of your Radio Show. Also thank you for clearing up the medium vs psychic meaning as I thought that a medium was just another name for psychic and now I know truly what psychic means. Nina K. After seeing you for Valerie morrison reviews Reading this past week I must admit you are no doubt the best psychic in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

Believe me as I have tried them all!

Thank you so much for your uncanny accurate assessment of me. I have found a new wellness about myself with you and I will gratefully follow your advice.

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Thanks Valerie morrison reviews. Amanda B. I don't know if you remember me but I sure remember you! On my quest to find a psychic in Philadelphia, many years ago I went to a psychic fair near me that, if I remember correctly, was in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area. Making a psychic connection there was inevitable as there where many psychics there at this particular psychic convention each with their own booth promoting themselves and as I said psychic encounters were made one after the other as you walked down each aisle. After seeing each promoting their psychic crystals, candles, psychic cards and psychic books it got very dull very fast until I saw you walking down one of the aisles coming towards me.

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I had not seen you since I went to one of your appearances on the Maury Povich show "People are Talking" that once was broadcasting Valerie morrison reviews Philadelphia years ago. I had never interacted with you on the show as I was just a curious member of the studio audience. Our eyes met and you came up to me and hugged me with both your hands on my upper back.

After your long embrace with me that seemed to tingle, with your right hand still in place you dropped your left hand down to my right kidney and patted it there saying "don't worry everything will be alright". You had no way of knowing that I was having trouble with my right kidney and I was awaiting a test report that everyone feared to be very bad.

I started to cry as our embrace was broken from the push of the crowd walking in the aisle. Your "don't worry everything will be alright" gave me the strength to endure the wait for Valerie morrison reviews diagnosis and when it came I was so relieved to be told that "everything was alright" and I would not require any further surgery. In retrospect I believe now that the tingle I felt in your embrace with me that day was truly you giving me a psychic healing as my Doctor could not explain the improvement in my kidney.