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Welcome to victoria. We analyzed Victoria.

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Victoria seems like a major city, but in reality, it's more like a tightly-knit village. Victoria has been growing for years and is a popular relocation destination for its temperate climate, lower cost of living than Vancouver and lack of snow.

You may about a rental listing, and not receive a response back from the landlord or agent until a week later. This is still normal here. Deposit: Also called a security deposit or a bond in other countries. Due on lease ing.

Payment: You may need to pay your first month with a paper cheque - some landlords require that still. Otherwise, you will probably pay your rent using Interac. References : Have 3 references. Have their phone s or addresses ready to give to the landlord.

Pet references : If you have a cat or a dog, have 3 references. Your address history: You may be asked to write your last 1 to 2 home addresses on the rental application.

In other countries, you may buy an apartment. An apartment can be a unit in a multi-story building pictureda duplex, a small building of apartments, a large house sectioned into units or a basement suite in a single family home. Typically, an apartment is either a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms. It may look like an apartment, but each unit is individually owned. Typically bought using a mortgage.

You can rent a condo either Victoria craigslist com the owner or from a property management company. It may or may not include a garage. You can either buy - typically with a mortgage - or rent a home from the owner or a property management company. This is a popular island lifestyle for many digital nom, freelancers and adventurers. There are better guides out there to explain the ins-and-outs of how to live in a van. There are a variety of programs to help you and your family afford Victoria craigslist com through the government.

BC Housing - Housing Assistance: bchousing. Rental Assistance Programs: bchousing. Housing with Support: bchousing.

Women fleeing violence: bchousing. In Canada we pay our security deposit directly to the landlord or the property management company. They hold the money, and are responsible for returning it to you when you move out. They can keep some or all of your deposit if they claim the property was damaged or needs extra cleaning.

Make sure you document everything before you move in. References : This is very common in Victoria.

📋 finding housing in victoria

A potential landlord may ask you to provide one to three character references, with their name and phone. These could be former coworkers, friends, teammates, etc… Family members usually cannot be references. The potential landlord will most likely callso make sure your references know to expect a call from a Canadian phone usually a xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx .

What questions will a landlord ask my reference when they call? If they lived with you Did you pay your rent on time? If they lived with you Did you cause damage, excessive noise, or other problems with them or with other tenants? Lease Terms : Usually apartments are leased for 1 year only, then automatically rollover to a month-to-month Victoria craigslist com after that. Month-to-month apartments are hard to find.

If you need a short term lease, consider subletting or an Airbnb. Subletting : Very popular in Victoria as we have many seasonal workers.

It can be risky. Make sure you a lease as a subletter, and take precautions to research your landlord, your rights as a subletter and the rental property. A sublet is a legal thing in BC, and you a sublet lease. Find a sublet apartment or room on UsedVictoria. Payment : Most landlords prefer Interac an electronic transfer for receiving rent payments, which is used across all Canadian banks. Some will ask for paper cheques. When is rent Victoria craigslist com We pay our rent once a month, typically due on the 1st day of the month i.

May 1.

Ok, how often will my employer pay me? Employers typically transfer your paycheck twice a month. Very few employers pay you once a month getting paid once a month is common in Europe and the UK. Landlords: Your landlord, by law, cannot apartment any time they want. Once you Victoria craigslist com lease, they must give you notice in writing at least 24 hours in advance. This includes inspecting the unit, any maintenance or to show the unit to someone else.

Know your rights : You have rights as a tenant in British Columbia, even as a foreigner or temporary resident. Check the official BC Government guide here: gov. Never give your SIN to anyone Victoria craigslist com a rental contract. In Canada, you should not give anyone thisexcept your employer, your bank and the Canadian Revenue Agency taxes. If a potential landlord asks you to write your SIN on a rental application or rental lease, don't give it to them. They can run a credit check using your first name, last name and date of birth. If you have children, a landlord cannot refuse to rent to you because you have children.

They can in some cases limit the of people living in a rental. Victoria craigslist com for childcare? See our list of childcare providers in Victoria with pricing. Moving here for a job? Ask your new coworkers or HR department if they know of apartment vacancies.

Them. UsedVictoria: Weird name, but the most used website in Victoria for finding apartments. Like Craigslist. Facebook Groups : These are where the great apartments are.

Staying in victoria

Craigslist : Still a popular website for rentals in Victoria. Padmapper : padmapper. Kijiji : Not used at all in Victoria, but very popular in Alberta and Ontario. Many of our larger apartment buildings are rented out by property management companies. They are responsible for renting the units, maintenance, collecting the rent, etc… They usually do not own the building.

Instead, these companies charge the property owner a monthly fee, and they take care of the day-to-day business for the owner. Document the apartment in photos before you move in. Make sure you do an inspection for damages before you move in. Some of these companies will try everything to not return your damage deposit when you move out.

Call them, them, text them, until you can get an apartment. Brown Bros. Cornerstone Properties. Devon Properties. Newport Property Management. The Property Managers part of Pemberton Holmes. They sell houses and also rent apartments. Their rental business is called both names sometimes thepropertymanagers. This is common in New York, Toronto, even Vancouver. It has very affordable weekly and monthly rates. Premiere Suites: Offers short term furnished suites. Includes twice a week housekeeping, wifi, laundry machines, parking and more. Ocean Island: Offers half-month or monthly short term furnished housing.

Includes wifi, linens, furniture, Victoria craigslist com to private kitchen, a fridge in the room, laundry access, and a Victoria craigslist com spot for an extra fee.