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The internet is full of many things, and we are pleased to have a platform such as the world wide web to reach out to young girls across the globe and help inspire and empower them.

10 websites we love that are helping empower girls

And even better than that, is that we are not the only ones! There are hundreds of websites out there with the same goal and mission as us here Website for girls SheHeroes. We are working on building a blogroll for our blog that will keep some of these sites handy for you to visit. Here is a list of some my Meghan personal favorites, but it barely scratches the surface of all the amazing organizations out there today. What are some of YOUR favorite sites out there working to empower and inspire girls today?

Check out theses sites, subscribe to their blogs, like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter to fully enjoy all the inspiring goodness they have to offer! On Twitter.

Always full of great articles and an adorable line of clothes. From their website. On Facebook. We just completed our first contest sponsored by them!

Pigtails Pals — Redefining Girly. One of the original girl empowerment websites, and the first to offer a full line of great clothing that redefines what it means to be a girl! Pigtail Pals was created by Melissa Wardy, a stay-at-home mom who wants better options for her pre-school daughter when it comes to clothes.

Melissa wants role models for her daughter that exemplified courage, intelligence, and independence. Pigtail Pals tries to get away from the ubiquitous pink and purple princess-diva-drama queen trend. It is our intention to show girls that they may be bold, adventurous and heroic just like the boys! A Pigtail Pal gets into her rocket ship and finds that star all on her own!

Top 9 websites for girls

The fact that this org is girls empowering girls makes it unique and inspiring all in itself. Founded inGirl Talk is a student-to-student mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with high school girls who serve as mentors. Weekly meetings are held before or after school, during which the high school leader conducts valuable lessons that address issues middle school girls face every day. Our mission is simple: We exist to help young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service. Targeting Website for girls.

From their. Learn how to recognize offensive, harmful, and manipulative messages, how to keep your self-esteem intact, and become empowered to speak up and demand changes! Our mission is to provide observations, insight, and activities that help teens see through teen-targeted marketing, while helping them maintain healthy attitudes, values, and self-esteem. Educating Girls Matters. The folks at Education Girls Matter have a more global reach than some Website for girls the other sites, and are one of the leaders in raising awareness about the importance of education for girls.

We dare to imagine a world in which all girls have access to education. Great webinars, great message, and a whole lot of tools to help empower the girls in your life. Need we say more?

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Our vision is that all girls and women experience equality, independence, and safety in their everyday lives. To that end, our mission is to create opportunities, develop programs, and provide services that empower them.

New Moon Girls. The leading magazine for empowering girls and their home online, is a must have in his day and age. Ad free and a favorite amongst tween and teen girls everywhere!

New Moon Girls is the creative safe social network and magazine for girls ages 8 and up — worldwide! One of the original girl empowerment organizations, Girls. Inc has played a huge part in the movement that all of are supporting today.

Fun websites for girls

Website for girls local roots dating to and national status sinceGirls Inc. InGirls Inc. Remember, if you have a website you want to add tell us about it in the comments! Thank you so much for including Pigtail Pals on your list, and highlighting the incredible work that all of us do for girls and women.

Sisterhood, and inside of that — girl empowerment, is the final untapped natural resource of the world. Time for all of us to shine! Love the list! Thanks for the great list! This blog is dedicated to helping parents, children, and caring adults become aware of negative media messages and learn how to be world changers.

We love SheHeroes and love this list! Would you consider adding iTwixie. Make no mistake… there are d out here too, championing our daughters and working to ensure they grow up to be strong women! I have just written a book to help empower women and young girls and I would Website for girls to share it with anyone who feels they need to be uplifted and inspired. It also talks about the different situations that women find themselves in and helps present logical questions to help her get to the light at the end of the tunnel. W4 is an online collaborative platform dedicated to empowering girls and women around the world, through education, microfinance, access to ICTs and networking.

Mission: Teenshop empowers girls with goals to become caring, courageous leaders and change agents in their communities and beyond. Teenshop, founded in June,is a weekend nonprofit volunteer-based program. There are three Philadelphia chapters and one in Los Angeles, California, and more than five thousand girls have been enrolled. All graduates go to college, and no girl drops out of school or becomes a teen parent while participating in the program.

These books were written and published to promote positive interaction and learning between and her doll. Through the use of empowerment these child-friendly experiences transcend into real-life situations that teach valuable lessons. These books can be purchased in either hard cover or Website for girls format. Dolly Goes to the Supermarket is available free to download in ebook format.

I am a teacher and a mom and I started a small online girls boutique that is called Mi-hija.

I love making statements and being true to myself and I love that clothes allow you to imagine and be creative, mi-hija. You can find us on google! Eating disorders frequently appear during the teen years or young adulthood but may also develop during childhood or later in life. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. This is a great list! We are a non-profit based in India and we have a simple project that has been proven effective.

India is a power deficient country, so many underprivileged girls living in semi-rural and rural areas do not have reliable electricity to study by at night after. I manage a Facebook named empower girl children for the Website for girls two years.

The aim of the is to empower girl children. Each year we travel the country with out Girl Conferences.

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We also have a very popular apparel line. Our new radio show Spiritually Sweet Talk with debut on June 6th, This is a radio show for girls and those who love them. Our mission is to empower young ladies with the guidance, resources, and tools required to be confident, cultivated, and self-assured decision makers. Our goal is to help young ladies feel good about themselves by building their character, calling, self-esteem, and intellect and leadership abilities.

The program provides a broad range of individual and team building experiences, mentoring, instruction, presentation and Website for girls in the disciplines of performing arts including modeling, singing, music, dance, theater and the visual and literary arts including self-published poetry, short fiction and artwork.