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I hunting What a girl want from a guy friend who loves walking

How can I be the kind of amazing guy that girls really want? Essentially, all that adds up to you being able to make a girl feel attracted to who you are as a guy. As you will discover from the video above, you can make girls feel attracted to you in many different ways e.

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When a guy is genuine with you about your relationship and his emotions especially, it means he cares and he takes you seriously. When a guy opens up to his girl, it shows that the relationship is built on trust. Women love a man who is spontaneous and full of surprises. When a guy is up for anything and ready for an adventure at a whim, it makes life exciting. Patience is important in all aspects of life-career, culture, lifestyle and especially dating. Life gets messy and so do we, so a woman wants a guy who is understanding and has patience with her.

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The simple truth, of course, is that there is no singular answer — especially when it comes to what women really want in a partner.

d counselor Suzanne Degges-WhitePh. They just want men who are willing to meet them where they are and treat them fairly and equitably — and are able to make sure that the romantic spark keeps burning. She wants her partner to want to share their pleasant experiences and memories. Transparency to me really encompasses all the different identities that we hold, and what we know about ourselves at any given time.

Johnson adds that, because of cultural expectations, women and those socialized as female are very quick to blame themselves if something feels off between them and their partner. She wants you to know her — inside and out. Because only then will you love her for her.

The real us, not the people others perceive us to be. We may not all need such a confirmation of our value, but we all want it. Women and those ased female at birth AFAB are subject to mansplaining and gaslighting in their everyday lives and interactions. Johnson says that any good partner will go out of their way to communicate generously and to exhibit compassionate listening skills.

Ask them to tell you more. To be cared for means not to be alone in this life. Women want a partner to be there to share her burden and to make her life a little easier. Fair enough tradeoff, I think.

10 qualities girls look for in any guy they date

How do I show up for you? Johnson says that caring is more internal than you might think. According to Johnson, caring about someone starts with being curious about them. With their family?

So I say, ask questions. Get invested. But what we really need is space and security. Give space, make space, take space.

What girls don’t want in a guy

A considerate partner is one who recognizes that their girlfriend is carrying a lot of weight and responsibilities — and they do whatever they can to lighten her load. Women are more predisposed to do all those things, not even consciously but intuitively. Plenty of people have big egos, no matter their gender.

They want to feel unique, and that may make them competitive and even jealous.

Women, men, non-binary people — anyone anywhere on the spectrum — want to be with somebody that they can be themselves with. Much like transparency, vulnerability is a of compassion — not just for your partner, but also for yourself.

Toxic masculinity affects all of us, not just guys. The less attuned you are, the less space you make for your feelings, the more disconnected you are from yourself, therefore the harder it is to connect with other people, especially your partner.

A partner who allows for some vulnerability in their relationship will make a woman happier than a partner who holds everything in.

And when you make yourself vulnerable, you invite your partner to make themselves vulnerable as well. That emotional burnout is a thing.

Women want compassion

Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to make her feel secure. She also wants to feel that you will protect her from physical harm.

We take care of ourselves. Instead, she says women want to feel safe — and respected. Microaggressions happen all the time. The absolute best thing you can be in a relationship?

What do girls want in a guy? 7 common traits

Yourself, of course. If you really want to impress a woman, Johnson says you should simply be yourself. Be you! Having somebody who wants to be with you is a freaking gift.

Becoming the kind of guy that girls want

How do you want to honor that gift? Love is a choice.

So just be decent, be honest, and above all, be you. Suzanne Degges-WhitePh. This article was originally published on Updated: July 22, Originally Published: April 21, Women Want Transparency. Search Close.