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How about we ask some guys what they actually think about during that first, all-important kiss.

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Looking for s he wants to kiss you? We can all agree that first dates are truly stressful.

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What a guy is thinking when he kisses you

Dating. Oh, the first kiss, an important part of bonding between two people.

You find yourself thinking about what to do and how to respond. You barely get a chance to think about his thoughts at that particular moment. You have to trust your feelings and let go.

Another reason why guys are usually more nervous is that they know they need to make the first move. They put a lot of pressure on themselves.

About what's good?

On the other hand, knowing what a guy is thinking when he kisses you can help you determine his feelings about you. You can tell whether or not he likes you, and whether he wants a proper relationship or just a casual fling.

Can you tell by his body language or by the way he speaks that he wants to kiss you at that time? Or do you need to take a wild guess?

Well, let me tell you that some s can tell you for sure that he wants to kiss you. In most cases, when a guy wants to kiss you, he starts to behave very differently for instance, he smiles a lot or giggles. His only wish is to kiss you right there and then. You know, it takes a lot of courage to make the first move. Showing a girl his genuine emotions can be terrifying for a guy. His first move will be to get as near to you as he can without making you feel uncomfortable.

Does a kiss mean anything to a guy?

For a kiss to be perfect and comfortable, the distance between you needs to be shortened. What a guy thinks when he kisses you can mean the difference between being in a relationship with him or just having a casual fling. You can tell a lot by the way he kisses you. You might not even know it, but there are different types of kisses and each of them has a hidden meaning. In most cases, girls tend to close their eyes and lean in when a guy kisses them on the forehead.

Obvious s he wants to kiss you

Then we have the hand kiss. A guy is truly interested in you if he kisses you on the hand. But be careful, as sometimes guys use this to test whether or not things will go their way.

The ultimate kiss of affection and attraction is the tongue kiss, aka the French kiss. But what is it that guys think when kissing a girl? His sole purpose was to create the perfect mood, and he waited for the right moment to make the first move.

Revealed: what a guy is thinking when he kisses you

When the first kiss happens, people mostly become nervous and wonder whether their breath is okay or not. What a guy is thinking when he kisses you can be hard to tell when you feel butterflies in your stomach. One of the things that runs through his mind at that particular moment is how gorgeous and beautiful you are. His opinion of you is certainly rather positive if he kisses you. That said, a guy who wants you badly will do anything to make you comfortable and make you enjoy the kiss as much as possible.

He might be even looking for s to see if you are. Know your boundaries and never let a man overstep them.

Don’t stress! guys aren't thinking about much when he kisses you

He might try to give it a go and use a bit of tongue and see if you respond back. Of course, a guy wants to know whether you like it or not. It can be quite uncomfortable making eye contact while kissing each other. He might be wondering whether you liked the kiss and if it meant anything to you, as it surely meant a lot to him.

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What a guy is thinking when he kisses you is tough to tell because emotions are in play. On the other hand, you can tell a lot about a guy if he kisses you.

Instead, let your body experience the beautiful moment when two people deeply connect with each other. Guys do that too. In fact, guys are often more nervous than girls because they usually suppress their feelings.