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Be found at the exact moment they are searching. Up and Get Listed. Jealousy is an often overwhelming feeling of insecurity about a potential loss or inequity in distribution of resources.

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Jealousy can easily take over our relationships, make us angry, agitated, and depressed, and hijack our emotions. Sexual jealousy can be so powerful that it can even lead people to break up their romantic relationships. So, if something can be so destructive, why do we feel jealous? Why are we the cause of our own suffering?

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Jealousy is a feeling that stems from a psychological problem. Consequently, this emotional reaction affects both men and women equally. Some say that a little bit of this envious feeling is beneficial as it pushes a person to be better What cause jealousy strives for greater things. Unfortunately, when this condition takes on a compulsive form, then there can be severe consequences.

Many relationships have met their demise because one partner was jealous over the other one. Possessiveness can What cause jealousy a great motivator. The emotional reaction that is involved in a jealous nature can make you step up your involvement at work or in a relationship as well as defeat your competitor. Some studies show that a marriage where one or both parties have some jealous nature about them form a happier union.

There is a fine line between being jealous and becoming obsessed. When a person engages in such behaviors, it makes the other party feel like an object rather than a human being. No wonder science describes jealously as a complex emotion that has feelings that range from fear of abandonment and blinding rage.

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When there is distrust in a relationship, many say that insecurities in both parties cause it. You may have a lack of self-confidence because you were cheated on in the past. Or, your ificant other may have displayed behaviors that have left you less than trusting. You must learn to get beyond the mentality that you have a claim on your ificant other.

Sometimes, one person in the What cause jealousy will become jealous because they think their partner is more attractive than they deserve. They may engage in behaviors to try to keep this person or use words that come from the insecurities inside.

“since the dawn of time, jealousy has been as prevalent an emotion as love.”

In this situation, the person who feels less than might become obsessive and suspicious. The main source of jealousy in any relationship is formed from both insecurity and mistrust you have within yourself. Thus, these are the primary reasons for this emotional reaction.

Did you know that being jealous is such an issue that scientists have divided it into three distinct ?

Trust evaporates when jealousy erupts.

Here are the classifications:. A person that is jealous of the reactive category has valid reasons for their issues. For instance, if your spouse has cheated on you once or many times in the past, then the diminishing level of trust that you have for them can fuel your jealous nature.

Some partners tend to be a bit flirtatious. While you may not know of anything concrete between your spouse and another person, you may find this flirting What cause jealousy be suspicious to you.

A jealous problem that is pathological is unhealthy. This person is someone that allows negative thoughts and hallucinations to dominate their mind.

What cause jealousy person suffering from this form of envy may become violent due to their irrational behaviors. The distrustful issues they have will affect all aspects of their life, and it can also affect their health.

They may suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, and they can go to the brink of insanity with their delusions. At the crux of any jealous issue is mistrust from within. A person can develop obsessive ideas for the smallest of reasons. Take, for instance, a spouse working over a couple of hours due to a meeting.

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The partner may be at the office working away. However, when your partner leaves you home alone for hours, your mind may begin to distrust and ruminate over past various scenarios that make you miserable. If you have a problem with distrust, then you may begin to think that your partner is cheating because they are working late.

As these thoughts take over your mind, you may start to believe them to be accurate, even when you have What cause jealousy proof of such a deed.

Hours of contemplation and doubt about their whereabouts can cause you to have a different attitude and behavior towards them. All these imaginary scenarios your mind created are not founded, yet you will believe them. The first step in getting help for your jealous nature is to admit that you have a problem. Did you know that your jealous nature may be hereditary?

However, the most common reason that you have developed this suspicious demeanor is that things in your life have affected you negatively. The mental health community believes that a jealous person has a lack of confidence in themselves that What cause jealousy this envious nature. You must be aware that you suffer from jealousy, and you must be open to getting help. You must learn how to control your jealous nature to keep it from destroying what may be a good relationship.

Here are the keys to tackling this issue:. As ly mentioned, you must identify why you are so distrustful in your partner. When you have these underlying issues, then you are vulnerable, and it will drive your fear of being abandoned.

You may find it helpful to make What cause jealousy list of the things that bother you in your relationship. Remember, you must separate reality from imagination. The key is to be able to determine what is driven by fear and what is driven by action.

You have good qualities, and you should never compare yourself to someone else. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, then sit down and make a list of all your attributes.

Why not list all the reasons that your partner chose you in the first place? You should start by evaluating your relationships. Were you jealous of other lovers? Did you find yourself having the same issues in relationships that you have now? If you find that What cause jealousy is an ongoing issue, then you need to get professional help for this problem. With a good therapist and a great deal of work, you can overcome this problem. Lastly, when it comes to a jealous nature, you must remember that any suspicions or obsessions you have will only be amplified if you continually repeat them.

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