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Tied around the waist and wrapped similar to a loose loincloth, men wore theirs short to the middle of the thigh, while women covered to around the shin. It was normal for both men and women to be topless in times gone by.

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That jumper you wore on the plane will have you sweating like crazy as soon as you exit the airport arrivals floor. But before you tear off your clothes and go bare-chested, or put on a bikini or pair of Speedos, bear in mind that Thai culture promotes a conservative dress code in public.

With this in mind, you will need to pack What do thai people wear that help you stay cool and look casual, and conservative when necessary — when visiting cultural sites and temples. It's not just about making sure you're not offending anyone, but also about being comfortable and not dripping in sweat. You'll learn what's appropriate on the beach and in the local town, what clothes are best to wear when shopping in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and what clobber to wear in the evening when you're up for a party.

Traditional dress in Thailand is modest, characterized by fitted clothes that cover the legs and arms. Even though it's boiling hot, you may be shocked to see Thais wearing long trousers pants and long sleeves.

Often just looking at locals makes you feel hot. One reason for this is to cover their skin from the sun, but another is that Thai culture values modesty, along with respect and courtesy too. Many Thais, particularly women, feel more comfortable in modest clothing. That's not to say Thai women don't love dressing up for an evening out like Western females do, but there's a time and a place. Unsuspecting tourists may find themselves getting a few frowns from locals for wearing package-hugging shorts and a vest at a temple, or for walking shirtless around a shopping center.

Of course this is a holiday, and naturally you'll be packing your shorts, vests, and flip flops, but you should also bring some full length trousers and a shirt or two with you — one with short and one with long sleeves. You'll certainly need these if visiting the Grand Palace and other What do thai people wear. For women: bring along loose pants and tops that cover the shoulders. Summer dresses are great as they are versatile and can be worn in many situations, keeping you cool and looking modest. For public places, you might What do thai people wear to avoid spaghetti strap tops, especially without a bra underneath — this is a classic tourist error.

All tops should have modest necklines. Too much cleavage is considered immodest, particularly on public transport. Even though you will most likely see some cleavage on show from young Thai women, particularly in Bangkok, you won't get a pass because you are the foreigner :.

If possible, wear clothes made from a moisture-wicking fabric; it will help immensely with the heat and humidity. Be careful with your choice of long pants and jeans.

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The last thing you want is a sweaty crutch and wet patches showing on your bottom. Choose light, airy garments. Thailand gets really humid; to the point that you'll find yourself sweating just minutes after having a shower. Keep a light top or shawl handy, though.

The air-con in malls, shops, and hotels can be really cold, and coming in from one temperature extreme to another can at times make you feel feverish — especially when you're feeling jet lagged. You should opt for comfort first and style second. After all, you are likely to be doing a lot of walking. Some tuff rubber-soled sandal-type shoes — What do thai people wear good ventilation — that can easily be slipped on and off are perfect.

Instead of, or in addition to, bringing flip flops for the beach, I recommend beach shoes that can be worn around the pool, on the beach and in the water. Flip flops are good for slipping on and off but beach shoes can be kept on and tend to protect your feet better. Keep in mind that if it rains it may be slippery check the weather for that time of yearand the water can come up past your ankles in some places. What do thai people wear it rains, it can rain hard. You don't want to be wearing socks and non-waterproof shoes!

Avoid bringing shoes that insulate your feet, like heavily lined boots. Such shoes require socks, which you generally won't be wearing. Socks get very smelly in Thailand! Note that you will be removing your shoes frequently, as it is customary to take off your shoes when entering Thai homes, some shops, your hotel room, and temples.

So you'll want to pack easy slip-on-slip-off shoes. While taking off your shoes is customary when entering someone's home and some shops, do not walk around without shoes on in the street.

The islands make you feel free and want to let go of your cultural norms, but Thai culture has specific rules pertaining to feet. Walking around the city and then entering a temple, home or shop is considered dirty and potentially offensive.

Certainly don't sit down and put your feet up so that they are pointing at people waking past or sitting opposite. Soles of the feet should remain on the floor.

Thailand’s dress code: what to know?

You may see a woman wearing a really short skirt and high heels, or a man with his t-shirt rolled up to his chest to give his stomach some air, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable for you to do the same.

Ladies, wear a bra, or a sports bra if that's more comfortable in the heat. No nipple exposure please! Men, no Euro-style shorts with your package on show. And put a top on. We don't care if you have a six-pack or not, even though I'm jealous! You'll notice when you go to the beach that most Thais are fully clothed on both sand and in the sea.

This is quite typical; largely because they are covering up from the sun and don't want to get any browner. You will notice that Thais tend to go to the beach after 4pm when the sun is much weaker. They think we are crazy for doing otherwise! Two-piece swimsuits are fine on the beach, but have a sarong to hand to cover up when you walk away from the beach.

Swimming trunks or shorts are acceptable for men, and it is generally acceptable for female travelers to wear a two-piece bathing suit. What you really need to be aware of at the seaside is the etiquette when walking away from the beach. Always have a cover-up handy, and never walk through a neighboring beach town without proper What do thai people wear and a sarong or t-shirt on.

The same rules apply What do thai people wear riding motorbikes.

Visitors should never hop atop a scooter in their bathing suits or without shoes. That said, many guys wear swimming shorts instead of trunks, which are of course fine for riding a scooter. The general rule is that the shoulders and knees should be covered; a practice that applies to both men and women.

Women should opt for knee-length shorts, a skirt to the knee or beyond, or a dress. Leggings are often frowned upon, so try to wear flowing pants or a long skirt if you can. Women can carry a sarong or scarf to tie around their waist or throw over their shoulders if need be. Men should completely button their long sleeve shirts and wear trousers. These tops are great for temple visits.

What to wear in thailand: stay practical, cool & respectful

Pick one up for around Baht in Thailand. Some temples are stricter than others, and you may not be allowed to enter if you don't have the proper garb. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a prime example of strict dress code. Be sure that your boots are lightweight and easy-dry. Pack long socks that will cover your ankles and shin skin.

Keep in mind that sandals and other open style footwear are a bad idea for even light trekking, since they allow easy access for hungry mosquitoes and leeches, not to mention that any exposed skin may be hurt on hazardous terrain.

Always carry mosquito and bug repellent on a jungle adventure. Thais tend to take at least two showers a day, so make sure you aren't the one smelly foreigner :. For those who don't like the clog style Crocs, men can choose from a loafer style and women can even pick up Croc ballet flats.

You don't have to pay the expensive price for the original Croc brand either.

Materials for keeping cool

There are a of Croc-like shoes available in markets all across Thailand that will do the job. The reason I suggest Crocs is because you won't want to wear socks in Thailand, but when you wear trainers or shoes with a thick lining, without socks the shoes will start to smell because of the bacteria that builds up in the heat.

The key is comfortable and breathable, and to avoid any shoe that will make your foot sweat and smell. This is my go-to search engine. For hostels check out Hostelworld. I never travel without it. You should too.

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