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Readers often ask about what to wear at a swingers club. I understand the nervousness. Especially for the ladies -with all respect to men and their feelings.

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You probably know how to dress for the office, for a wedding, for a vanilla night out, or a casual lunch with vanilla friends. Hint: when deciding what to wear for swinging it is definitely not like any of those vanilla outfits! Your vanilla wardrobe will probably need some updating before you enter the lifestyle. Making the best first impression goes beyond fitness and grooming. To best represent your sexy side, pick clothes that are currently in style, and have them tailored to your body.

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Often do we see newbie couples come into a swingers club with nearly nothing with them.

This can severely compromise their first time experience. So what do you take with you in your Go-bag on your night out as a swinger? The list below is the ultimate guideline for all of the thing s you might consider. Take a bag that will be big enough. A purse or wallet with enough money or a credit card to pay for your entrance fee, food, and drinks. Do not forget this one. This would be a night ender if you have to drive 2 hours to your favorite swingers club. That was not a happy couple. Also a woman can take a small purse with her into the bar and playroom so she can have some lubricant, deodorant, etc… with her at all times.

Always good to bring a cellphone. You might want to check in with the babysitter during the evening to see if everything What do you wear to a swingers club going alright. Be aware though that many clubs do not allow to bring your cellphone in with you into the bar or playrooms.

You can leave it in the lockers. A lot of clubs have a dedicated smoking area. So if after a great session you feel you might enjoy one, go right ahead.

Large handbag

It also helps to keep a fresh breath all evening. This is a small item that takes up almost no place in your bag but instead of lipstick some lip balm with a nice flavor works miracles on a cold winter night when going home.

Especially when you encounter a play partner that loves long wet intense kissing sessions. Oh this one is so important. I usually come in a suit with dress shoes and what are you going to wear when it is time for the dress-code? Boxershorts and dress shoes do not match.

What does one wear to a swingers club?

Not to mention the danger of stepping into glass. A nice pair of boxers a pair of nice sneakers is all a man needs on the dancefloor of a swingers club. Especially if she is a squirter. Also for him it is a good thing to have spare boxershorts in the bag for those moments that someone spills something on the dancefloor. Stained boxershorts are not an appealing sight. Things get sweaty at parties.

So make sure that at all times you keep feeling fresh. Smelling nice and fresh is a prerequisite for a fun and sexy night at a swingers club. Although almost every club has these in great s for everyone to grab, we always have an extra box in our bag.

Since we do not only go to swingers clubs but also attend home parties or enjoy a hotel date once in a while we like to have a box of condoms ready in our bag. This way we never have to think twice about this. Do you love oral sex? Have some Dental dams in that bag of yours. Not only is it much safer but having flavored ones can be great fun.

Our favorite is Mint. A bit of extra lubrication is always a good thing.

I kind of hate the smell of burned rubber. The nice thing is that these also come in small one portion packets. If you take one and a condom it fits snugly in the side of your boxer shorts. Or you can have it with you in a small purse. Many men in the swingers lifestyle use them for some extra confidence. Even if you really need them, it is alright.

Not all swingers club evening is in just lingerie and boxers. Sometimes the evening comes with a theme. Or better yet you would like to try on some kinky playsuit for the evening. I guess you better put it in your bag instead of showing it to your neighbors.

Although most of the clubs do not allow cameras, there are sometimes events where there is the option for a sexy photoshoot.

It is also a great way to spice up that ride from and to your house. Have you ever consider stopping along the way and snap a few quick pictures?

Where do swingers shop?

It might be just the moment to have those great shots for your swingers dating profile. Be sure to switch it from your daily handbag to your swingers handbag. Or better yet have a dedicated pouch in your swingers Go-bag. I find my wife always searching for them when she goes for a blowjob or when we go home. Just to be sure we always keep a few spares in the bag in the makeup pouch. Most clubs have these in great s but every now and then we see that they run out.

So we keep one in our bag. This is not needed when you go to a swingers club but it is a good idea to bring one if you go a home party.

A good bottle of wine or champagne never goes to waste. Near where we live the swingers club offers the opportunity to sleepover in the playrooms after the party is done. They do this free of charge because they rather see us stay there than to step into our car after a whole night partying.

So for when that happens we take a second bag with our sleepover gear including our sleeping bags and toothbrush and toothpaste. This is also to consider when going to a home party. Talk it over with the host What do you wear to a swingers club pack your bags accordingly. Many swingers take their favorite toys with them to spice up the night even more. These go from vibrators to BDSM gear. Whatever you would like to try out or add to your night playing is probably allowed. The list can go on as long as your imagination.

But as always… Start by discussing it with your partner. So you're talking with your partner about going to a swingers club for the first time. You are excited and are setting the rules for that evening. Such a discussion is not complete without truly People who are not part of the swingers lifestyle have a hard time understanding why couples would want to swing.

We've conducted a survey in one of the biggest online swingers forums and Continue Reading.