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Intimate relationships involve physical and emotional interaction.

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Intimacy is defined as physical and emotional closeness.

When used to describe a relationship between partners, intimacy often refers to sex. Intimacy and sex are important elements of a healthy romantic relationship, and experiencing issues that hinder them can quickly take a toll on your relationship and your self-esteem. Painful intercourse and avoidance of sex are among issues that many women face, and the causes of these problems can be complex. The first step toward feeling more comfortable in the bedroom is understanding what could be causing your intimacy issues.

Any of common gynecolocial problems can make sex painful. Acute conditions like infections and sexually transmitted diseases STDs may make intercourse painful.

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One of the most common causes of pain with sex is lack of lubrication, particularly in women going through menopause. Menopause triggers hormonal changes that decrease natural vaginal lubrication. Lack of arousal combined with vaginal dryness can make sex very painful and create intimacy issues. Chronic conditions like endometriosisuterine fibroidsand even abnormally heavy menstrual periods can affect your enjoyment of sex.

A healthy relationship requires trust and communication, and unhealthy relationships can create intimacy issues.

Dealing with your partner’s fear of intimacy

A lack of emotional connection within a relationship can translate to your sexual relationship as well. Other issues that can create intimacy issues include infidelity and stress. Talk therapy can help couples and individuals to work through the emotional side of intimacy problems.

We begin with a comprehensive wellness exam that may include a pelvic exam, physical, and a thorough review of your symptoms. If we identify a gynecological condition, we recommend treatment to minimize symptoms and help you feel more like yourself again. Conditions like urinary tract infections or vaginal infections can be treated with medication. For chronic conditions like menopausal symptoms and endometriosis, our team can recommend a range of treatments that may fit your lifestyle.

Reach out to Dr. Sejour and our team for compassionate care and support. Call our office in Conroe, Texasat for an appointment or send us a message online. Many women get bothersome symptoms like bloating, irritability, and cramps during their menstrual periods.

Find out what constitutes a heavy period, and find treatment options here. Learn more about the common causes of a high-risk pregnancy, and what having a high-risk pregnancy could mean for you. Sexual health is an important part of your overall well-being.

What's causing your intimacy issues?

Intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction can interfere with your self-esteem — and your relationship with your partner. Learn to recognize the s of intimacy issues and how to seek help. As a woman, finding the right birth control is an important part of your health care plan.

There are options for everyone, from daily pills to long-acting intrauterine devices IUDsand each has its benefits. Find out more about your options here. Are you developing your birth plan?

Learn the facts about cesarean delivery here. What's Causing Your Intimacy Issues? You Might Also Enjoy