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We wanted to bring this conversation up to help us all confront the issue that our flesh and our enemy tempts us to lie.

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Lying is harmful to ourselves and to the people we are in relationships with. Lying itself is an act of betrayal, and it violates the trust your friend, partner, or family member is trying to build with you. When people uncover lies, depending on how damaging the lies are, some relationships are ruined beyond repair. The risk is not worth losing such a valuable connection. Lying also goes more complicated the longer someone lies.

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Just as you dislike when someone lies to you, so does the Lord.

The Book of John explains the history of lying. Your soul and salvation matter more than your body for you, and should not be traded for anything in this physical life Matthew Lying is a subject that is almost universal in nature.

Bible verses about liars – what does the bible say?

And we have a tendency to classify lies. Some lies we think of as big lies, while we deem other lies as inificant. Certainly we face challenges in our lives, but not always daily ones. Some years ago there was a study indicating that the average person lies twenty-five times a day. How can this be?

Think about the many situations in which people lie. Maybe a father comes home after a long day at work, and as the family is sitting down to relax and eat dinner, the telephone rings. If you start adding up incidents like that, then yes, perhaps the average person does lie twenty-five times a day.

Are you married to a liar?

Hopefully Christians do not, but the average person does. This poll tells us that most people do not have a problem with lying. Or maybe we should say most people do have a problem with lying! People say they lie to protect themselves, to keep from hurting others and also to get out of trouble. This last one seems to be a common reason to lie. Maybe even one of the first sins that young people commit in life is telling a lie, because it is so easy to do. They get caught doing something wrong and lie to avoid getting in trouble.

The truth about lying

Probably all of us can call to mind images of government officials lying and committing perjury to keep themselves out of trouble. Sadly, lying is one of those sins that people tend to think of as not a big deal. With that being the case, if we are going to be right, we need to change our perspective on how we look at things.

We need to start looking at lying the way God looks at it. This is why people have to meet with their lawyers before they go to court to testify so they will know how to give a false impression without perjuring themselves.

Even though they may not state the lie outright, it is still a lie. Essentially, we mean this: causing someone to believe something that is not true, and doing it intentionally is lying. As we think about this topic of lying, we need to consider the subject of God and Lying. The first point to notice is that God cannot lie. It is impossible for Him to do it. When God says something, we can absolutely count on it, because He will not and cannot lie.

When God promises eternal life to the faithful, we can believe it is going to happen. How can we know for sure? Because God cannot lie. Every promise in the Bible will come to pass. When He promises eternal life to the faithful, it will come to pass. When He promises eternal punishment to the wicked, it too will come to pass. If he is saved, then God is a liar, but our first point has already been established that God cannot lie. Secondly, God hates lying.

Not only can He not lie, He hates it. Proverbs says lying is an abomination to the Lord. He hates it.

Lying bible verses

Thirdly, lying is contrary to the nature of God. Now what is the nature of God? The Bible says that God is truth. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. You are of the Devil. Recall that the average person lies twenty-five times a day.

Understanding god’s hope and help for lying

Is there another sin that is committed so frequently? Now, lusting might be a recurring sin for some people, but lying would have to be near the top of the list for its frequency because lying is a sin that plagues everyone from the very young to the very old.

It is a sin that probably every human who has ever lived any length of time on this earth has committed. But lying seems to be a bigger problem for some than for others. Some have reached the point where lying is not a trap that they fall into sometimes, but rather it is a way of life. A habitual liar might tell a lie even when the truth would be easier, simply because he does it all the time. A salesman might lie to the customer about a product to make a sale. A man looking for a job might lie to the employer about his credentials in order to be hired. Someone else might lie to his employer by calling in and claiming to be sick when he actually just wants to take a day off.

Worse yet, people will brag about this sort of thing! They will spend eternity in Hell because they lied to obtain temporary treasure now. Another reason why people might lie is to keep themselves out of trouble.

We alluded to this already. We see this in children caught with their hand in the cookie jar. We see this with adults who might lie to the police.

And again, all the way up to high government officials, we see them lying before Congress to avoid punishment for their actions. They also play word games semantics to try to turn a lie into something other than a lie. Did the Lord adhere to that practice? No, He did not.

It is one of those sins we accept. The Andy Griffith show is a great show, but often in the show Barney Fife is messing something up, and then Andy frequently lies to spare his feelings. Our society has reached the point where we think this is admirable. But we need to realize that lying is wrong, in any shape or form. It is a transgression of the law of God. We must not allow ourselves to measure sin by how much damage it does or does not do on this earth. Any sin can cause a man or woman to be lost and, in light of that, none of them are little. Also, if a person tells a lie, it What does the bible say about lying to your spouse and le to another.

Lying really hurts people. There is an old story about a little boy who had a problem with telling lies, so his father wanted to teach him a lesson. The father got a brand-new piece of wood and he drove ten nails into the wood. I want you to go back and fix them. For each one you correct, we will remove a nail from the wood. It has hurt feelings and scarred reputations. A young girl in a small town high school once made accusations of a sexual nature against one of the male teachers. Finally the man was forced to move away to find another job.

It never really happened. Did her confession undo the damage done? Few people have respect for a liar, but a man who always tells the truth is esteemed almost everywhere.