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Anyone who has ever been to Pattaya will know about Walking Street: around metres of bar after bar of dancing girls and nightlife entertainment.

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Whiskey-a-go-go club

in. There are bars and then there is a GoGo bar. The difference between the two is simply the GoGo bar is a combination of a bar and a strip club.

I have explained about the bars in my other blog — here. When you leave you are left high and dry with a minimum bill of — rupees. Now if you go to a GoGo bar in Pattaya for the same price of five hundred rupees you get a girl sitting on your lap, how about that.

Not only that, for five hundred rupees you get two drinks one for you and one for the girl companion. The drink can be a tequila shot or a Chevas.

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Chivas and a Tequila shot would have cost you a minimum of — rupees. What happens inside a GoGo. A typical GoGo will have a center stage with poles.

There will be 10—30 girls dancing on that stage and on the poles. The girls are usually half or fully naked. Your sitting table too might have Center pole where a single girl is dancing for you. Some of them even have bathtubs where two or three girls will be rubbing each other with foam.

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And yes like a normal bath this bath is without clothes. You can check Top 5 agogo in Pattaya here. With the drinks you get free lap dance if you want, you get to move your hands wherever you want, etc. Which can be as low as Baht and high as Baht. The girl will cost you from —Baht. Now the price variation can be for different reasons, one its peak season, two the girl is too hot or three you are picking her before 12midnight.

As per the bar, if you are taking his premium girl before 12, they lose money.

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My point of view, my experience. You can spend lots of money on GoGo as its lots of fun. You spend money on drinks for yourself and the lady companion.

If you like her, you will pay the bar fine and for the girl. You can go down by easy —Baht. I on the other hand have spent more than Baht in a night and then sat on the beach for the next two days doing nothing.

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So be careful, you have been warned. Now once you have selected a girl, what do you do now? You can of blogs at Mastyatri. Get started.

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