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I am What is a tab for guy who like simulators

A nanocomputer is a computer that's very small compared to microcomputers and mini-computers. This term refers to any computer or computing device with microscopic or very small dimensions, although these machines are typically the size of a standard credit card. The term "nanocomputer"

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In computing, "tab" has two different meanings.

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An example of to tab is to mark papers with colored stickers for filing. An example of a tab is the part of a browser windows that shows other websites which you are currently using. An example of to tab is to fill out a line on a website form and then hit the "Tab" button to go to the next line.

Origin of tab

An example of a tab is a flap of fabric on a pair of jeans. This is found with the "article" tab at the top of the .

Your screen saver should now appear in the list displayed on the screen saver should now appear in the list displayed on the Screen Saver tab of the Display Properties dialog. Click the shortcut keys tab to access the controls you need. Filters 0.

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Words form: tabbed tabbing tabs. See word origin.

The definition of a tab is the bill or total list of expenses. An example of a tab is the check at the end of the meal. An example of a tab is the total cost of a wedding.

To press the tab on a typewriter or computer keyboard. To tab is to put small protruding stickers onto paper. A tab is a part of a computer window that protrudes from the normal screen shape, allowing you to go to different parts of a program or to different open websites.

To tab means to use the "Tab" button on a computer keyboard to move from one field to another on a form or on a website. A tab is defined as a small piece of a folder or item of clothing that sticks out.

Definition of 'tab'

An example of a tab is the name label on a file folder. A projection, flap, or short strip attached to an object to facilitate opening, handling, or identification.

A small, usually decorative flap or tongue on a garment. A small auxiliary airfoil that is attached to a larger one and that helps stabilize an aircraft.

A pull-tab. To supply with a tab or tabs.

A tabulator on a typewriter. A tabloid.

A small, flat loop, strap, or metal ring fastened to something for pulling it, hanging it up, etc. A small, often ornamental, flap or piece fastened to the edge or surface as of a dress, coat, etc. An attached or projecting piece as of a file folder, often with a label, used in filing.

An auxiliary airfoil set into the trailing edge of a larger control surface, such as an aileron.

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To provide with tabs. To choose or select. A bill or check, as for expenses. Total cost or expenses. Tab key.

To move a cursor with a tab key. Table s. Tablet s. A key on computer keyboards. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs keep tabs on.

Definition of 'tab'

Origin of tab. Short for tablet or tabulation Sense 2, short for tabulator. Tab Sentence Examples.

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