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I would like What is draw drug slang boy that like pleasures

Click to see full answer. Then, what is draw slang for? What does DRAW mean?

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A copy of the list has been obtained by The Sunday Telegraph under Freedom of Information legislation. This is the list of 2, words and phrases relating to the drugs trade that is issued to officers. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted.

Drugs slang: what police must learn c to d

C - cocaine. C-DUST - cocaine. C-GAME - cocaine. CACA - heroin. CAD - one ounce. CAINE - cocaine. CAINE - crack.

CAKES - round discs of crack. CAME - cocaine. CAN - marijuana. CANDY - barbiturates or cocaine. CAP - capsule. CAPS - crack. CAP UP - transfer bulk form drugs to capsules. CAPS - heroin. CAPS - psilocybin. CAPS - psilocin.

CARGA - heroin. CARNE - heroin. CATT - heroin. CECIL - cocaine. CEST - marijuana. CDT - community drug team. CHA - cocaine.

Definition of draw

CHALK - methamphetamine. CHALK - crack. CHAMP - a drug user who will not reveal his source. CHASE - to smoke cocaine. CHASE - to smoke marijuana.

CHECK - personal supply of drugs. CHEEO - marijuana. CHERA - hashish. CHI - heroin. CHIEF - mescaline. CHIP - heroin. CHIRA - marijuana. CHIVE - heroin. CHOE - cocaine.

More stories

CHRIS - methylamphetamine. CJ - PCP. CLEAN - to be off drugs. CLIMB - marijuana cigarette. CLIPS - rows of vials heat - sealed together. CLOUD - crack. CLUB - nightclub d for public entertainment.

What does drawing mean in slang?

CLUCK - crack smoker. COCA - cocaine.

COD - large amount of money. COKE - Cocaine. COKIE - cocaine addict.

Summary of key points

COLA - cocaine. COLI - marijuana. COP - to obtain drugs. COP - to copulate. CORAL - depressant. COSA - marijuana. COWIE - ecstasy. CRACK - a form of cocaine which is used for smoking. CRANK - methamphetamine.

CRAP - low quality heroin. CRASH - sleep off effects of drugs.

CRIB - crack. CRINK - methylamphetamine. CRIS - methylamphetamine. CROAK - crack and methylamphetamine. CROP - low quality heroin. CRYPT - nitrite inhalant. CUBE - cube of morphine. CUBES - marijuana tablets. CUBES - crack. CUT - mixing drug with other substances usually non- drug to increase quantity. D - LSD. D - PCP. DAGGA - cannabis.

DANK - the practice of lacing marijuana cigarettes with Formaldehyde. DDU - drug dependency unit.