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Have you ever defined, what does it mean to be sexy? We use the term all the time, but have you ever broken down the traits in both men and women.

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The word 'sexy' gets used fairly loosely these days.

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Sexy describes something as arousing interest related to sex, having a large amount of sex-related content, or being very exciting. If something is sexyit causes sexual arousal in people who are exposed to it or it is deed to emphasize sexual matters.

What does 'sexy' mean?

Sexy can be used to describe both other people and objects. A person may describe themselves as sexy if they feel confident and attractive. Something that is more sexually arousing than something else is sexierand something that is the most arousing is sexiest. The word sexy is also used to describe something that is exciting, glamorous, or flashy.

The word sexual is similar to sexy and may be used to describe the same things. However, sexual is used to mean something involving sex and not just arousal.

The first records of sexy come from around What are some other forms related to sexy? Sexy is a common word often used to describe attractive people or things that are sexually arousing.

Which is depressing. Is sexy used correctly in the following sentence? Whereas paying down the interest on the national debt, or funding long-term infrastructure — not so sexy.

Are you seeing more commercial pressure from academic presses for historians to sexy it up a bit? The sport of surfing is a very sexy sport, beautiful people on beautiful beaches in minimal clothing. You have a pretty sexy online persona, what with the constant bikinis. It was sexysilly, and—in those relatively modest times—sensational.

She wondered if every daring, sexy technology project started like this, a cranky hacker muttering angrily about boot-loaders. New Word List Word List.

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Take the quiz! Words nearby sexy sexual selectionsex upSexwalesex worksex workersexySeychellesSeychelloisSeyfert galaxySeyhanSeymour.

What is a basic definition of sexy? Real-life examples : Models often wear sexy clothing in advertisements.

Exotic dancers perform sexy dances to entertain customers. People magazine annually ranks the sexiest men alive. Used in a sentence : The actor recited the lines using a sexy voice. Sexy can also mean that something is mostly focused on sex.

Definition of 'sexiest'

Real-life examples : Pornography often takes the form of sexy movies. Romance novels are often but not always sexy books. Singer Barry White is famous for writing many sexy songs. Real-life examples : A shiny new sports car might be described as a sexy car. A laptop that is sleek and eye catching may be said to have a sexy de. Used in a sentence : Paying your rent might not be sexy, but it keeps a roof over your head. Where does sexy come from?

Other words from sexy

Did you know How is sexy used in real life? Try using sexy! The male singer had sexy dance moves that attracted a lot of female fans. Warren Coming Chris Herring chris. Dubner December 12, Freakonomics.

What does it mean to be sexy?

Dubner December 13, Freakonomics. Makers Cory Doctorow.

The Perfectionists Arnold Castle. Derived forms of sexy sexilyadverb sexinessnoun.