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I liked seeking somebody What is the definition of loving someone loves tattoos

People say love is pure, painful, sweet, and dreadful — all at once. Everyone needs to be loved to live a proper and healthy life. Love has various definitions.

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If you've ever experienced heartbreak, you'll understand these quotes. Love is an intense, deep affection for another person.

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Love : a four-letter-word that gets tossed around in conversations pretty carelessly to describe just about anything. I love your shoes. I love this restaurant. This dog totally loves me.

Listen to understand, not to speak

But what about when it comes to relationships? What does it really mean to love someone? Love means accepting another person in the strongest way possible.

It means supporting them in anything and everything, even when you may not agree on the situation. It means committing to that person because you know they complete you in every way.

What loving someone means

Your traits complement each other to create better versions of you both. Love means waking up early and whipping up pancakes in the morning just to show you care. Love means screaming at the top of your lungs sometimes. It means fighting to get it back.

Love means smiling for no reason at all, and giggling from the tickle of butterflies flying around in your stomach. Love means not needing constant contact, in person or via text, to feel secure.

It means trusting them in every way possible and earning their reciprocal trust in you. Love means loving yourself, too.

It means sleeping tight at night knowing that someone else knows just as well as you do how perfect you are in all your imperfections. Love means gazing into their eyes for hours that feel like minutes. Love means giving in to an awesome power that brings two people together in the craziest ways. It means waiting, sometimes for a long time, for the stars to align.

It means persevering through horrible dates and dull chats in line at the coffee house until you get your turn with it. It means surrendering control to a greater force and staying along for the ride.

The difference between being in love and loving someone, according to experts

Sometimes love means disappointment. It means broken hearts and red teary eyes. It means taking a shot on someone and being let down. Love, once it finds you, is worth every fleeting moment of highs and lows. Love, although it may fade, never gives up on you.

Love that leaves is not lost; it will find you again someday, perhaps when you least expect it or maybe when you really want it to. Love means letting yourself go. Love means giving in. Love means taking chances. These words are for us all.

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