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Filipine What to do when your ex starts dating your best friend seeking guy especially for meeting

When we break up with a person, it can be very hard for us to get on with our lives. Sometimes we move on more easily than at other times, and sometimes our exes move on more quickly than us.

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You must never start dating his or her ex because if you do, you will make things uncomfortable for everyone. He or she should have been able to tell right from wrong from the beginning and have the willpower to pull away before things got messy. You trusted this person like your family, yet you still got betrayed and mistreated in the end. In this case, you may want to have a discussion with your friend and say that something must be done about it. Either your friend apologizes, shows respect, and stops dating your ex—or you distance yourself from both of them so that you can heal from the breakup and move on with your life. Your ex may not feel obliged to listen to your wishes, needs, and concerns, but your best friend definitely should.

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While the feelings and emotions involved with breaking up with your ex may be firmly in your past. They can come back to trouble you and re-emerge when you find out your best friend is dating your ex. Especially if you still harbor feelings for your ex or still love them and you have made this clear to your friend.

You may feel that your friend has gone behind your back in some way, or that your ex is trying some kind of devious tactic to get back at you. So what should you do to try and cope or come to terms with your best friend dating your ex? Should you lash out and tell them what you think about it? Or is it better to focus on healing and acceptance by being a better person? When you find out your best friend is dating your ex.

You will want to know what is happening between them, why are they dating, and if anything is being hidden from you?

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But is that really the truth, or are there more things you need to consider? The first thing you should do when your best friend is dating your ex is to take a step back and re-evaluate what is happening. You need to consider everything you know about the situation and look at all the facts. When the reality of what is happening may be much different, or may not actually revolve around you.

When you pose questions to yourself in this way. You need to fully understand the situation in your own mind before it can be tackled, or healed from. Focus on the facts and your feelings first about your ex and your friend dating before moving forward.

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Focus on yourself first and try to rise above it. You may have feelings of anger, jealousy, or maybe even feel depressed at the prospect of them both being together. Independent of what is happening between your friend and your ex. Focus on yourself and do things that will take your mind off them.

Take action to improve your daily habits and overall happiness. You need to embrace the sadness, and vent or release all of the pent-up emotions. Give yourself time to grieve over what is happening, and accept your real feelings.

Talk to your other friends, and your family about your genuine feelings on the matter. Ask for advice, and seek an outside perspective on your feelings. One of the easier ways to deal with your friend dating your ex is to remind yourself why you broke up with your ex-partner in the first place.

Perhaps they did things that made you unhappy during your relationship together, or the reasons you decided to break up with your ex were because of their bad habits and behavior. It will help you to manage your feelings of heartbreak involving your friend and ex-partner now dating.

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You need to confront your friend with your feelings about the situation and give them a chance to explain what is happening. If they are a true friend to you, they will give you a truthful and honest portrayal of what is happening. When your friend is dating your ex, you need to hear them out and understand this may be a difficult situation for them to involving real feelings. If you feel hurt, betrayed, or angry with your friend. When you are confronting your friend about your feelings and emotions regarding them dating your ex-partner. While it is completely natural to have feelings of jealousy or envy about your friend now dating your ex.

This is especially true if you still want to maintain friendships, and are looking to avoid any future drama with your friend or your ex. If you feel like talking things through with them both will help you better understand the feelings you are having. Then talk to your friend to see if you can all hang-out together. Use this opportunity to pose some serious questions to your friend and your ex to figure out exactly what their relationship is. Is it just a fling between them, or are they both looking for a long-term relationship with one another?

Knowing the facts from them both may help you see their new relationship from another perspective. While talking to them both at once may not always the best situation to place yourself in emotionally. Especially if you are healing or reeling at the thought of them both being together. It can be a step in the right direction, as you are beginning to rationalize the situation in your mind and separate your past with your ex from what is happening in the present. The past is the past and bringing up things they have both done to hurt you will only ever contribute to damaging your friendship.

So your friend just started dating your ex. here's how to deal

By bringing up past events about your ex to your friend. You are placing them in a difficult situation. They may feel like they have to pick a side or play piggie in the middle between you and your ex.

Try not to appear petty to your friend by bringing up reasons why they should not be dating your ex. If you want there to be any hope of maintaining your friendship with them. You need to be considerate of their feelings too, or how this situation is also making them feel. Never ask your friend to pick between your ex and you.

This is a sure-fire way to cause awkward problems and misunderstandings in your friendship. By giving your friend an ultimatum, you are subtly challenging them to tell you whether or not they value your friendship over the relationship they have with your ex.

You have to come to terms with the fact that they have already chosen to begin dating your ex, possibly against your best wishes. Put your focus on other friends and friendships. Focusing on healing and other friends is always going to be better for you in the long run. As opposed to trying to control who your friend chooses to spend their time with. Does your friendship with them make it worthwhile dealing with the potential hurt or awkwardness involved with them dating your ex? When What to do when your ex starts dating your best friend value your friendship, but you also have strong feelings against them dating your ex.

You need to fully consider what maintaining a healthy friendship with them will look like moving forward. Try to avoid being a fake friend and hiding your true emotions. You need to be genuine with your feelings, and honest to yourself and your friend about how them being with your ex is making you feel.

When you talk to your friend and you want to maintain your friendship. Be genuine with them and truthful with the words you say. You might have ended things with them on bad terms or had a bad breakup. This will make seeing your ex again an emotional and awkward ordeal for you. However, the potential for seeing and bumping into your friend and your ex might be something that seems unavoidable. Especially if their relationship is getting serious. So to tackle this you need to set essential boundaries in your friendship that you can both agree on.

These boundaries are not ultimatums. Instead, they are an understanding between you and your friend that they will avoid placing you in any of these kinds of situations due to how you feel.

They can also agree to avoid sharing details about their relationship with you. Aim to set these essential boundaries based on the feelings you share with your friend.

If your best friend is not dating your ex, instead of being bitter, just follow these 5 foolproof tips to handle the situation with maturity.

This will only ever backfire and affect the health of your friendship. When you feel like your friend dating your ex is an example of them going behind your back.

When you have a large friendship group or maintain friendships with multiple people. Focusing on the betterment of these other friendships may help you take your mind off that one friend who is dating your ex.

Why should your friend not date your best friend?

If you feel strong feelings of anger, betrayal, jealousy, or envy towards your friend. If you focus your attention on other friends and grow your existing friendships to something greater than they were before. This may make you feel less worried about the one relationship that bothers you, and more concerned with having a good time with other friends.