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It feels almost impossible to read the news these days and not see a story about a state legalizing marijuana. The full impact of these laws will not be immediate — but major changes are on the way. Because the legalization of recreational marijuana is happening on a state-by-state basis, the question of where is weed legal may be one that some have trouble answering.

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At the start of the new millennia, it would have been laughable to suggest that we were close to a federally regulated cannabis industry.

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Something constructive to come from what can only be described as a very weird year. Wait… does this mean you can buy it legally in Cancun and the Riviera Maya? Tema prioritario en el Senado para este periodo. The landmark cannabis legalisation bill won a landslide vote, from here Mexico City lawmakers are now rushing to secure final approval before the end of the current congressional session on December 15th. In fact, even though he has steered away from publicly supporting it in recent years, back in he actually backed the legalization of cannabis before he took office.

Senior cabinet members like Interior Minister Olga Sanchez have openly called for a shift to legalization and regulation. Although I would like to note for everyone reading this most of that drug violence action happens largely in the northerly parts of Mexico.

I understand that the goal of this new bill is probably to aim to diffuse drug violence…. However, with a loose economy in many regions, and the backlash of Corona creeping in I fear that removing weed from the equation will simply lead to cartels upping the ante on harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin to make the money back.

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So, now that we now Mexico might be ing the list of best countries to smoke weed, which includes:. How would you like to see legal weed sold in Mexico? Let me know if, in the comments section down below, I would love to hear from you. Are you for the legalization of weed or against it? At the same time, economists have forecasted that, with a potential base of over 1. Where could i get weed would love to know how they plan on spending this revenue and personally would like to see it being reinvested into essential local infrastructures such as healthcare and education. Naturally, tourism may also get a bump from neighbouring U.

How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments section down below, we would love to know your thoughts. Call our travel agents free of charge at and explore your options. I am an American living in Mexico for the last 17 years. I grow marijuana now small and want to grow more plants—no, not a BIG commercial grower like in the US.

I have done extensive research and can say this about marijuana in Mexico—-who know s what will happen, this is Mexico.

THat being said, we will all have to wait until December of this year to get the official word on recreational pot as well as CBD. The law MAY limit farms to 2 hectares, they may not. The Mexican cartels are not much interested in growing—it takes 6 moths to grow, process and ship it. Heroin and meth are easier and you can make more money. A pound of meth is worth 10 times that of marijuana.

Feel free to post your thoughts. Mexican homegrown is just fine. Lots of people prefer it to the American, the American growers make it way too strong. If you can grow 6 plants at home, who cares about the rest? Who cares about all the government licensing and regulation?

No one wants it. They want that super strong Californian medical pot. So all in all, legalizing people to grow their own is a very good low impact plan. And really, walking down the street here, I rarely smell it.

This map shows where you can buy legal weed now in the united states

Or anything else for that matter. Latest info on Mexican legislation of the legalization of marijuana has changed from my above post. And it might change again before it is law—this is Mexico. The latest is no advertising, only brick and mortar face to face sales.

Cafes will be legal.

You can grow 50 plants in a sort of we-grow-it-for-you scenario. You can only transport about 65 pounds of marijuana at one time.

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Mexico will be the large free market for marijuana in the world. In all due respect to Mexico they are not the most organized nor forward think business people. If you could just sell pot to tourists in Cabo, PV and Cancun you would be successful.

There will not be the large pot farms like in the US and Canada. This will be the wild wild west after legislation passes. You will not be able to import weed. Hi Terry, Thanks for the supply. You are indeed a life saver I got scammed once before i contacted you. I wish i met you earlier.

Please guys you should be careful while trying to score weed in Mexico. People sell trash. If you need real stuff then you can contact tplug28 on Telegram. Our Honest Review Total Shares.

July 21, Home » NEWS. Share On Facebook Tweet It. Share 9. Mexico to legalize weed before the year is over? Where does it leave the cartels? Find out everything you need to know as the updates roll in, right here. The legislation also grants users the permit to possess up to 28 grams and grow up to six plants at home or eight if there are two consumers of legal age living at the same residence.

Sales to adults in authorized businesses would be allowed, provided the product abides by maximum levels of psychoactive ingredients. Children under 18 would be prohibited from using the drug or any involvement in its cultivation and sales. Driving while under the influence of marijuana would be illegal. Is weed legal in Mexico? Where could i get weed it really get approved or are we just wishful thinking?

Senators voted 82 to 18 to approve the measurewith seven abstentions. Read Next. Sarah Barlow February 23, at pm.

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