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I had a string of long term relationships in my 20s and back then, it seemed easy to just fall into relationships. In my 30s, when I tried the typical online route Tinder, Online Dating etc it was surprisingly really disappointing.

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Each day, it seems like a good man is getting even harder to find. The truth is that there are decent men and great guys out there — at least, statistically so. Whether they try to do it or not, many women end up self-sabotaging when it comes to finding a nice guy to date. There's a difference between having reasonable deal-breakers and writing a nice guy off because you're scared to get too close.

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The convenience and pleasure of being able to access single men online are wonderful.

It is nice to break away from the virtual meeting scene and get out for actual encounters occasionally. Organic interaction reveals much more about a person, and you have an opportunity to assess the chemistry you have with a person. Some people would prefer to sit at the table with family and share a touching story with how they met their mate instead of saying that you swiped right on the profile and met the perfect guy.

While online dating is convenient and has proven to be lucrative for many people, it doesn't deliver the same energy and excitement as meeting someone in person. Most people enjoy the advantages of platforms such as Skype, video chat, Facetime, and other video call features.

11 mistakes women make that destroy their chances of finding a good man

They are ideal tools for business, school, and social communication. However, they shouldn't be the all-in for meeting potential partners on the dating scene, especially in the beginning. Time is crucial, and it seems that the chaos of life makes each day go by faster. In addition, virtual meetings can leave so much to the imagination.

Consider this; many relationships start strong with each person over-the-moon about the newness of it all.

After a little time has passed, both people become comfortable and fail to initially put in the effort they did. Face-to-face meetings set the tone and make it possible to decide if spending more time with each other is something you wish to do. People who meet virtually or online usually wait a few days or weeks to have the initial in-person meeting.

You may be surprised to know that a brief, well-thought-out date can save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of heartbreak. You're probably wondering what the benefits of meeting a person face-to-face really are and how they apply to you. If so, consider the following:. Therefore, consider your past relationships that may have started with an online connection.

Could you have saved yourself some time if you had met them in person instead of spending weeks getting to know them online, only to discover after meeting in person that you're wrong with each other? Of course, it requires a bit more planning or effort, but the first date doesn't have to be a methodical strategy. The important thing is to arrange a simple meet-and-greet in a location that is convenient for you both. Make sure to point out that it's a low-stress meeting with no obligations on either part. Now, to answer the big question. Where are the best places to meet men? Not only has technology advanced, but so have gathering spots.

Best places to meet nice guys

The traditional dinner, dancing, and movie dates are ideas but slowly fading away. They work for some but aren't the most appealing options for others. Buy the guy in the coffee shop his favorite drink. You bump into him every morning as you're grabbing your caffeine fix. The two of you may have already shared a brief moment of eye contact.

Essentially, you've already met him, but not officially. Go ahead. Tell the barista you'd like to pay for whatever drink he usually orders. If he's a regular, they likely know his drink preference. It's okay to do it and leave the store. Once he finds out what you did, he'll hang out the next day to personally thank you.

Social events are usually filled with single men. It should be easy to meet someone at a party, but it doesn't always work out that way for most. Stop standing in the corner or holding up the wall and get out and mingle. It's okay to be shy but try not to be silent. Walk up and introduce yourself to the guy you've been noticing all night. Compliment him on something he's wearing or ask what he's drinking. Start with small talk to see what type of interaction ensues.

It's time to repair the broken table leg or the squeaky door at your house, and the hardware store has the Where to meet a decent man you need. It is also a great place to meet single men because many men like to fix things themselves and are always in the hardware store. It's okay to wander hopelessly down the aisles without a clue of what to buy.

Ask the hot guy standing in the aisle next to you. He'll be happy to help. The posters and advertisements may lead you to think otherwise, but men volunteer to support various great causes all the time.

If you want to support a cause or multiple causes, now would be a great time to start. It also allows you to meet dozens of single men with whom you have at least Where to meet a decent man thing in common - you both like helping others. If you're a dog owner, you probably walk your dog all the time. Take your fur baby to the dog park with other pet owners, many of which are single men. Most dog owners need to date people who like dogs. If he's a dog owner like you, you can be sure that he and your pet pup will hit it off. Now, if you don't have a dog but love them, accompany a friend to the dog park to walk their dog.

If you're a sports fan or enjoy a good time, tailgates are great places to meet other people, especially single men. Wouldn't it be great if the two of you were fans of the same team?

Here are 20 great places to go if you're single and looking to mingle

That would be even more that you have to chat about. You may think it's difficult to talk to guys during sporting events, but unless the game is playing, you'll be a pleasant distraction. Waiting is so underrated.

Waiting at the airport, in line at the grocery store, or the doctor's office can be boring. If you find yourself in a similar situation and notice a guy that grabs your attention, strike up a casual conversation. It's just small talk and doesn't have to be anything heavy. You don't need an excuse to talk to him because it's obvious that you're just killing time. That gym membership can be used for more than just getting in shape physically; it can also be used to get your romantic life in shape.

There are single men all over the gym. If you've noticed that you find one or two men attractive, strike up a conversation with them. up to take a fitness class and get a close look at some of the single guys in there.

Top 12 best (and surprising) places to meet men

The world is filled with wonderful things to see and awesome people to meet. It is possible to meet single guys while on vacation. Solo travel can be awesome, and if you vacation at the same place often, you may eventually begin to encounter other regulars. It's okay if you live on opposite ends of the world; the chance for a connection is still there. You should be open to taking things slow and considering meeting your favorite vacation spot a couple of times each year.

It could be the start of something beautiful or a long-term relationship.

If you enjoy the outdoors, visit the park and explore the trail. Many men prefer to workout outdoors and take a run or jog through the park.

It's a public place, which makes it safe and should be comfortable for you. It may not be easy to talk and run simultaneously but bring it to a slow pace, and you can likely exchange phone s if it comes to that. Fresh produce, unique foods, and single men are always at your local farmers market. The atmosphere is great, and it's great for striking up a conversation with the guy reaching for the squash or head of lettuce at the same time as you.

Talk about the freshness of the product or ask for advice on how to pick ripe melons. It's up to you what to talk about, but the key is to start talking. Men are always at the car wash, obviously because they love their cars. They also like meeting women while at the carwash.

Top 21 places to meet single men in your 30s

Chances are the guy that offers to help you dry your vehicle or tell you that you missed a spot will enjoy conversing with you and may even ask you out. If you've been hanging out or going to the same places and still haven't met anyone special yet, you may want to try something different.

Several unique opportunities in life present themselves and make it possible to meet new people.