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North Point Community Church and its nine satellites in the Atlanta area have been mostly closed since the coronavirus pandemic began in March. When Stanley decided to cancel in-person worship until at least earlydozens of families were so unhappy that they decided to quit his church. The vibe of his church offices is tasteful and inoffensive, as if his decorator was trying to channel that magic Fixer Upper quality of looking distinctive while appealing to almost everyone.

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M y friend Adam Nemett and I became close friends in college, when I basically lived in the house he shared with my then-boyfriend. We saw each other constantly—at home, on campus, over dinner. We got drunk together; took the train to New York City to go clubbing together; ed during our summer vacations. This proximity, we knew, would be lost to time and adulthood.

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But almost 20 years later, after children for him and a divorce for meAdam and I have rediscovered a new intimacy. The pandemic has deepened our bond, even though we have abandoned proximity entirely. We keep an almost weekly FaceTime appointment to watch TV together. Read: How friendships become closer. Friendships involve emotional intimacy, but people have assumed that this intimacy is best mediated in space.

How many times do we conclude that serious conversations need to happen in person? And yet, exercising a friendship at a distance has been possible for decades—via letters, telephone, text, Facebook, Instagram DMs, and so on. But the pandemic has also released us from the expectation that closeness requires physical proximity. Instead, it offers an opportunity to decouple good relationships from physical intimacy and to open up other ways for friendships to flourish. Those lessons could improve our relationships now, and later.

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T he pandemic has narrowed my social circle, but it has also made me more aware of the dynamics of social life. The places I go are fewer, which has limited the people I can see. I used to visit a friend who lived around the corner every day.

Now, less often.

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Four months ago, I went on a socially distanced, fully masked outdoor park date with my boyfriend whom I have seen nearly every day since. The joy of a restaurant dinner has been overwhelmed by the logistics of safety, the concern of exposure.

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My friendships still form the center of my emotions, but not my physical life. Now they occupy the spatial margins. During the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, many families lived in one room. Collective life and shared intimacies preoccupied culture.

Then, things shifted, as the historian John Archer has argued. Now everyone has to do this, everywhere. He offered the transactional nature of cruising in the gay community as an example.

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The negotiated clarity of cruising reminds me of how many of us have learned, in the pandemic, to adopt a set of safety rules under an umbrella of shared social responsibility and comfort. Using the city this way changes its temporal dimension too. In the long term, it means an acceptance of the fact that we have no idea how long this state of affairs will last. We will only ever know how long the coronavirus pandemic lasted once it ends. Andraos was a colleague of mine before the pandemic but has become a true friend since—a relationship we codified by having a phone call rather than a Zoom meeting: In an age of videoconferences, closeness can now be measured in how free you feel roaming about your own, private space while socializing via technology.

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As we spoke, she moved around the garden of her Rhode Island home; I paced my apartment. Sometimes I laid down and sometimes I stood up. I was noticing my environment while listening to her. Read: The pandemic is changing work friendships. She and Wood are redeing the house completely, making it absolutely open. I find myself moving in the opposite direction: seeking greater isolation. Recently, I checked myself into a hotel near the World Trade Center so that I could finish a book manuscript.

I spent most of the time alone, but not nearly most of it writing. I watched a Jennifer Aniston movie while texting with my friend Jackie, who was watching the same movie at the same time in Los Angeles. And I felt close to my boyfriend, who came to visit. We walked around SoHo and Nolita together, the first time either of us had spent time in Manhattan since before the pandemic, and I saw the animal drive for closeness play out everywhere, in the hunger I could feel for proximity.

Read: Friends are breaking up Wife seeking sex tonight Atlantic City social distancing. I adapted, quickly, to the idea that I might never see my friends in person ever again. The pandemic will end, eventually.

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Dan Wood will be able to hang out with his friends. Amale Andraos will be able to get off Zoom.

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Everything ends, after all. And so might the new, unfamiliar intimacy that we have built, unless we cultivate it. But in another scenario, once the pressure of the pandemic fades and the hunger to connect dissipates, we revert to our once-every-few-years rhythm. Today, just getting an ice-cream cone successfully feels like magic. Will it always? The veneer is already cracking.

Tonight, I walked to a restaurant to place a takeout order. It felt so normal—and devastating. That we longed so profoundly for connection that we tolerated bad internet and a terrible season of Westworldbending the city to make it meet up again. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword.

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