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As we get ready for the festive season, here is a plush wine to celebrate with family and friends. If you have made wine at home, at least once, you will certainly love trying out this wonderful recipe.

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Yuppee this is the frist wine i am getting for my event. It looks yumm. My mom used to make grape wine.

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HAS anyone ever tasted this type of wine. If not--then MAYBE --if the product is a good wine I do not know that is why i ask if anyone has tasted such--especially a dry version this could be a possible iconic wine type for the Israeli wine compannies for the export market as Wine from dates i Israel can produce dates --so the raw supply can be dometically feasible and ii obviously the Muslim date producing states are not gping into the wine business well maybe from Christian vintners in Lebanon or Turkey--but if these currently are not producin g this "rareity" in the wine industry then Israeli producers couldf get a big jump on them in to the world market THIS all pre-supposes something tastey and dersireable to purchase can come from making Wine from dates from dates This goes nowhere if wine from dates is awful-BUT i just do not know So anyone tried it?

Was it good? How do you know if it was the generic fault of the date fruit and not the incompetenc e oif the home hobby winemaker?

HAS there ever been a commercial attem pot at this from skilled professional winemakers? One of our guests on Shavuot brought us an interesting gift - it looked like a regular bottle but it then split into 3 separate bottles of fruit wines "yayin peyrot" in Hebrew on the label.

These fruit wines are made by Morad Brewery and our 3 bottles were pomegranate The Wine from dates "wine" tasted like alcohol with some flavoring while the others were a little better. I personally would not recommend any of them, especially the dates. I do, however, bow to those who enjoy them As to Israeli producers, indeed there are several that focus on such products.

Then again, some enjoy flavoring their beer with kiwi, pomegranate and, most recently would you believe, cucumber. Best Rogov.

How to make date wine

Definitely worth a try and might be a viable alternative for Israel. Drink coffee, do stupid things faster. Why an alternative wine for Israel and not for France, California, Italy, etc? We seem to be doing just fine with grape-based wine these days. I can see why you might Wine from dates the case for wine necessarily coming from grapes, but surprised that you take exception to non-grape liquers regards Ian. I can't remember if it was specifically date honey or possibly just generically "honey" but generally the term honey as in "a land flowing milk and honey" meant date honey.

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