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NEW HAVEN — A year-old woman was shot to death in her car late Thursday — with her two young children in the vehicle — and manhunt is under way for a city man in connection with the shooting and another that took place May 7, police said. The U. Officers believe the woman found dead in her car, who has not been identified, was specifically targeted by the shooter.

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Posted to: Legal WritesThe Hill. Jones lived in the house with her mother and brother.

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Jones was taken to the hospital following the shooting and put on life support. She succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday, according to multiple people familiar with the case. Within hours, across town on Lenox Street, they seized a stolen vehicle that is believed to be connected to the shooting. They also went looking for someone who had left the scene of the shooting by the time they had arrived. They were informed that this person may have been shot as well.

They found the person within hours, nearby on Vernon Street. It turned out he had not been shot. But the interaction led police to obtain a search warrant and seize a gun. They believe this may have prevented a reprisal shooting. Outlaw said he had worked with Jones through the street outreach program since she was in her mid-teens. He remembered her saying she wished she had a suit to wear to her Hillhouse High School prom. He bought her one. Jones was the aunt of Kaymar Tanner, who was shot dead last summer in Hamden at the age of Read about that here. After his death, she renamed her Facebook after him.

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Hill neighborhood organizer Leslie Radcliffe, who lives on the block, heard the gunshots Monday afternoon. At first she thought it was resumption of the deafening Independence Day fireworks that had plagued the neighborhood until 4 a. Four or five young people were with on the scene, along with medics. Radcliffe said she knew and liked Jones, and likes her mother and her brother, who also live in the house. As a year of incessant gun violence continues. Shootings have risen dramatically in New Haven, as in other cities, since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

From January to July 6 in there were 29 nonfatal shootings and three homicides; the city had 46 nonfatal shootings and nine homicides over the same period in This year so far the s stand at 60 nonfatal shootings and now 16 homicides.

She said people are shaken.

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Whatever the particulars of this homicide, she said, she tied the recent upsurge in shootings to a combination of factors, including the pandemic and the erosion of social services and opportunities available to young people. We have been inside for so long. Now people are coming out. Someone shot Kevin Jiang, 26, to death in Goatville on Feb. Dwaneia Alexandria Turner, 28, was shot to death in the Hill on March 16 during an argument with two other women.

Police: 2 young kids in car as woman was shot in new haven

On May 26, year-old Adrian Barwise was shot inside a Sherman Parkway house during an apparent argument over a game, according to police. Miguel Ramos, 37, was shot dead on Springside Avenue on June 6. Richard Whitaker Jr. Your :. Message: Sent: Jul 22, pm.

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Friends need to speak up, break the code of silence and help the NHPD. NHPD are repsonding to several shootings a day and noone wants to talk about what they saw.

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I called this at the onset of the pandemic. Young people are at very little risk of the virus but as we can see, can be irreparably damaged by our mitigative actions. Thank You for giving Ms. Cierra Jones a bit of a backstory in this publication.

It is good to see that the NHI is moving progressively to treat more victims of gun violence like humans whose lives consisted of something other than the worst thing to happen to them. What we need is a community awareness of those who have a history of gun violence Woman from New Haven Connecticut looking for younger illegal gun possession. A gun violent and illegal possession registry is needed and put in placed just like we have a sex offender registry. There has been a gun violence pandemic in New Haven and in nearly every neighborhood where you find black and brown families and we need to be able to identify those who have committed violent acts with and guns and those who have been charge with the possession of illegal firearm.

This issue is not being taken serious enough. Black Lives Matter and other leadership in the black community have not shown an particular interest in this self inflicted-genocide aided by illegal gun runners who have used the Stimulus money to fund their enterprise.

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Another name; another brick in the memorial garden. The trauma of this violence will live on in the family and friends.

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They deserve all our support. C was a sweet kid who loved life. She was loyal to her friends and had unlimited potential. I have no answers for this incomparable tragedy and my heart goes out to her family and friends. What a terrible loss this family has endured.

Young person after young person that they knew or were related to were murdered.

The cumulative trauma and the cyclical violence is devastating our community. The community needs to stand up, speak out, and say no more. No more silence, snitching saves lives. The next bullet will find the next victim and so on and so forth unless the victims and the perpetrators friends and families and witnesses come forward with any information leading to the arrest of the murderer.

The friends and families of the people involved need to reach out to prevent retaliation and contact anti violence groups, religious leaders, and community leaders to counsel the people involved to not retaliate, to give up their weapons, to walk away from violence. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Very sad story. Another young life snuffed out by senseless gun violence. The person responsible needs to be identified, arrested and removed from the community. Another tragic loss of life. Violent criminals in possession of firearms never ends well.

Police id woman shot, killed in new haven

Revolving door of the justice system weighs heavily with these vicious crimes being committed in our towns and cities. Guns are not biologically based, but before firearms we hacked at each other with swords and axes.

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In England and France, the Plantagenets were famous for family quarrels. Societies that did not have metal, or even effective bow and arrows, such as some Amazonian tribes, regularly raided other tribes fighting with clubs. Weaker tribes suffered slow-motion genocide as men were killed and children taken. Deformed babies, and twins, were clubbed to death.

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Yes, people and animals fight, but only PEOPLE create war by establishing militaries composed of troops, guns, tanks, bombs, etc. It is scientifically incorrect to say that because animals fight, that we have inherited a gene for warfare. In a commission of social scientists from the international community authored the Seville Statement on Violence.

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The Seville Statement on Violence states categorically that:. Animals may not have guns and bombs, but they do wage war between competing troops and packs, and family groups and clans just as humans do. Police have not determined whether or not Jones was the intended target of the shooting.

The affection went both ways, Outlaw recalled.

The daylight shooting in the hill neighborhood left a young woman in critical condition. cops hope witnesses will come forward.

They shot her! Share this story with others. The Rev. Samuel T. Killing with guns is not biologically based.

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Killing is not in our genes. More guns, more senseless killings, more profits for the gun makers.