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This was during college, he was helping a girl set up some furniture, bookshelves etc. Right after, she asked if he wanted drinks and they have a few.

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in. He details what he did and said to meet and seduce these women the first time he met them.

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My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his. An affiliate link means I may earn referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Hey Coach. Your videos and book have been a great help.

I am on my third read, and I would like to share two of my favorite success stories, which are in thanks to what you preach in your book and videos. Recently, I was at a club. I followed your advice from one of your body language videos. I stood with my chest out and my chin up. Pretty cocky and pretty confident. People that like the same things tend to like each other.

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Being successful with members of the opposite sex is really a reflection of, are you happy in your life? Do you enjoy your life? We talked for a good bit and had some drinks, then she invited me back to her place. You gave off a completely different vibe, she was obviously open to meeting somebody, but she was out having a good time with her girlfriends, and you happened to click.

This next story happened yesterday.

Seduction success stories

I was on a river trekking tour, and I noticed this girl staring at me. That makes conversation very easy, and it flows. She is very attractive, and I could tell she thought the same about me. During the trek, I placed myself in her orbit, then she started talking to me. The trek took us five hours to complete, and we talked the whole way.

I let her do most of the talking, and I kept our conversations funny and playful. Once we got back, we went to a bar and had a few drinks. She told me what drew her to me was how I carry myself.

These lucky 16 individuals reveal how they had been seduced by a housewife

She saw that I walk with confidence, and that I was not trying to impress anyone. I was just a guy having fun. If we had been talking, I would have sat down with her.

Because she is interested, she will ask. The bar we were at stayed open a little longer than usual for us and offered us free drinks. We started to dance, and during it, she pulled me in close kissed me.

Next, she invited me back to her place. We had sex that night and spent a good bit of the morning repeating the night before.

She is a great girl, and we have already made plans to see each other later in the week. In conclusion, your advice works. It has changed my life for the better. I hope you continue what you do, and I hope men that need help will take inspiration from this.

Coach corey wayne

Thank you so much, and have a great day. Good for you dude. Two great success stories after only reading the book twice. But again, I want to caution you, read the book 10—15 times, because this is just the beginning. This is the basic pickup and dating things that are in the book. The harder things are maintaining it later on as you start to transition from just casual dating into a relationship.

They read the book two or three times, figured they had it, things started going well with a particular girl, and then they never bothered learning any of the relationship stuff until they got dumped, friend-zoned or things were really rocky. So do yourself a favor, and read it 10—15 times.

There are no shortcuts to success. We attract how we act, and we get what we focus on in life.

Mature stories

Success in your personal life is also a direct result of becoming the best version of yourself, and deing your life around your dream lifestyle, full of the kinds of people, circumstances and events you love. In order to attract the kind of personal and professional success you dream of, you must become what you want to attract.

I Teach Self-Reliance. Get started.

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