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New York — There is no shortage of online dating sites, and most cater to people looking for relationships. But what if you just want sex and you want it now? Pure is a forthcoming sex app that will let users know who in the area is up for some casual fun at that very moment.

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Bloomingdale's 59th Street. Hours Our stores are open with Covid safety measures in place. Some services and restaurant availability may still be limited.

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Gallatin had seen his people freeze at this door, but this day the brave charged ahead and the timid swallowed hard and followed, popping into the revolving door at Bloomingdale's, one after another.

This was the culmination of their training in Mr. At a briefing before entering the store, Mr. Gallatin had denounced singles bars, computer dating services and the like as largely ineffective ways to meet people for New York's estimated 2 million singles. Rather, Mr. Gallatin teaches tactics for meeting ''mates'' naturally, in such places as museums, Laundromats, food stores, buses and Bloomingdale's. Said Mr. Gallatin: ''You avoid the 'If-you're-so-great-why-are-you- here? Gallatin, a bearded, bespectacled sociologist, likes Bloomingdale's ''because it is a kind of Disneyland, with interesting displays and gadgets to aid conversation.

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The class entered the fray ever-mindful of Mr. Gallatin's philosophy: ''This is highly competitive. You must use sales and marketing skills to sell yourself.

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They took mental and written notes from the lecture with them: opening lines, such as ''What do you think of this tie? They fanned out quickly to the electronics department, the men's department, household goods and the card shop - all recommended by Mr. Gallatin - but not to the first floor, crowded with tourists, and certainly not to cosmetics, where Mr.

Gallatin said ''very serious business is being conducted. The instructor was available for consultation during this practical exercise.

Exclusive: bloomingdale’s sets ‘bloomie’s’ small store concept

A year- old class member cornered Mr. Gallatin behind a pile of deer handbags for some quick advice. He had struck up a conversation with a married woman, and Mr. Richard Smith stooped to read a greeting card, remarking to a young woman that the cards were impractically displayed. But he somehow continued the conversation for a few seconds before she stopped responding, and Mr. Gallatin said enthusiastically, ''See, they will talk to you.

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Other members of the class were selfconsciously unbuttoning their coats to give a more casual appearance, body language that Mr. Gallatin had recommended, as well as making obvious attempts to gauge distance between themselves and their prospects, a recommended 25 inches. To warm up, some could be seen talking to demonstrators of perfume or cooking utensils, as had also been suggested. Gallatin told them. A few class members quoted Mr.

Gallatin's opening lines verbatim: ''How do you like this tie,'' one woman said to a male customer.

Bob Howard came to Mr. Gallatin and said he had gone all the way to the sixth floor ''and couldn't think of anything to say about pots and pans. Gallatin suggested he pick out some sort of utensil and ask someone what it was used for. Women are like cops, always in pairs. Most in the class had carried conversations through the greeting, response and main body stages, as discussed in class, but were unable to make the transition to the critical closing stage - ''that's the hard part,'' explained one class member, ''where you go from 'nice Mixmaster' to 'how about a date.

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The year-old class member, who said he had just returned from a Club Med trip to Martinique, said that next time he would try ''the women's lingerie department because the conversation transition from product to personal would be easier. Michael Posner seemed to be doing well, having given out three cards with his name and telephone on them, after animated conversations in the electronics department.

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The group gathered in the back of the store for a scheduled departure. When some members of the class failed to show up, Mr. Gallatin worried: ''These sessions are hard. Some never come out.

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The group went to a nearby delicatessen to discuss the exercise. The group lingered, most saying they had no plans on this weekend evening, and the discussion turned to the problem of meeting members of the opposite sex in New York.

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Gallatin had told them to ''show interest, not need'' in meeting prospects at Bloomingdale's, something class members said was easier said than done. Kaplan, staring into a coffee cup, ''I feel like giving up sometimes. Said another man: ''I've been having this discussion about not having anyone to date for 15 years, since high school.

My relatives always ask if I've met somebody. It's like a disease that won't go away. View on timesmachine.

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