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They told me to take a street-car named Desire, and transfer to one called Cemeteries, and ride six blocks and get off at—Elysian Fields! Steve and Eunice live upstairs, and Stanley and Stella live downstairs. The hum of voices in the street can be heard, as well as the bluesy notes of a cheap piano playing in a bar around the corner.

Williams notes that the music from this piano is to set the mood throughout the play. It is an early May evening, and the sky at dusk is almost turquoise.

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Eunice and a Black woman are relaxing on the steps of the building when Stanley and his buddy Mitch show up. Stanley hollers for Stella, who comes out onto the first-floor landing and replies calmly to his tough, streetwise banter. He hurls a package of meat up to her and says that he and Mitch are going to meet Steve at the bowling alley.

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They depart, and Stella soon follows to watch them. Eunice and the Black woman find something hilariously suggestive in the meat-hurling episode, and their cackles indicate sexual innuendo. Soon after Stella leaves, her sister, Blanchearrives, carrying a suitcase and looking with disbelief at a slip of paper in her hand and then at the building.

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Making small talk, Eunice mentions what she knows of Blanche from Stella—that Blanche is from Mississippi, that she is a teacher, and that her family estate is called Belle Reve. Eunice, somewhat offended, leaves to fetch Stella.

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Alone, Blanche sits looking nervous and uncomfortable as she surveys the messy, dingy surroundings. Spying a bottle of whiskey in the closet, she suddenly breaks out of her dejected stupor. She pours a healthy shot, downs it immediately, replaces the bottle, cleans her tumbler, and returns to her original pose.

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Stella returns with excitement, and she and Blanche embrace. Blanche talks feverishly and seems nearly hysterical. After initially expressing her thrill at seeing her younger sister, Blanche lets slip a critical comment on the physical and social setting in which Stella lives. She tries to check her criticism, but the reunion begins on a tense note.

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Blanche redirects the conversation by asking if Stella has any liquor in the flat. After the drink is poured, Blanche asks how Stella has allowed herself to stoop to such poor living conditions.

Stella makes a light effort to defend her present lifestyle, but she mostly lets Blanche do the talking. She then explains that she has come to New Orleans because her nerves have forced her to take a leave of absence from her job as a schoolteacher during the middle of the term. Blanche takes another drink, and then worries about the privacy and decency of her staying in the apartment with no door to separate her from Stella and Stanley in the next room.

Stella warns Blanche that Stanley is very different from the men with whom Blanche is familiar back home.

She is quite clearly deeply in love with him. She recounts how she suffered through the agonizingly slow deaths of their parents and relatives, and points the finger at Stella for running off to New Orleans and leaving all familial woes behind. Stella finally cuts her off and leaves the room, crying. Outside the apartment, Stanley discusses plans for poker the following day with Steve and Mitch. Meanwhile, Blanche has been nervously moving through the apartment in anticipation of meeting Stanley.

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He enters the apartment, sizes Blanche up, and makes small talk with her, treating her casually while she nervously tries to engage with him. Stanley pulls the whiskey bottle out of the closet and notices that it is running low. He offers Blanche a drink, but she declines, saying that she rarely drinks. Stanley proceeds to change his sweaty T-shirt in front of Blanche, offending her modesty. The play offers a romanticized vision of slum life that nevertheless reflects the atypical characteristics of New Orleans.

The mix of characters and social elements around Elysian Fields demonstrates the way New Orleans has historically differed from other American cities in the South. It was originally a Catholic settlement unlike most Southern cities, which were Protestantand consequently typical Southern social distinctions Women seeking men in Blanche Town ignored. Hence, Black people mingle with white people, and members of different ethnic groups play poker and bowl together.

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Stanley, the son of Polish immigrants, represents the changing face of America. The play immediately establishes Stanley and Blanche as polar opposites, with Stella as the link between them. Stage directions describe Stanley as a virulent character whose chief pleasure is women. Blanche, who arrives in New Orleans having lost Belle Reve and having been forced to leave her job, exudes vulnerability and emotional frailty. Nevertheless, in this introduction, the audience is likely to sympathize with Stanley rather than Blanche, for Blanche behaves superficially and haughtily, while Stanley comes across as unpretentious, a social being with a zest for life.

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It is as if he were bringing it back to his cave fresh from the kill. His entrance also underscores the intense sexual bond between him and Stella, which is apparent to the other characters as well.

Elysian Fields is the name for the ancient Greek version of the afterlife. Blanche represents a society that has become too detached from its animal element. She is distinctly overcivilized and has repressed her vitality and her sexuality. Ace your asments with our guide to A Streetcar Named Desire!

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