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Hostess chica hunt for guy Woo a girl meaning lapdance

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Loeffler is also likely to have trouble woo ing voters outside of the GOP base because of the particular dynamics of her race. Several airlines including United have also done away with change fees in a bid to woo back wary travelers.

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Top definition.

Definition of 'woo'

Woo Girl. Woo-girls: first heard on "How I met your Mother" accurately describes the type of " weekend warrior princess" who goes out in the company of several other Woo girls. Behavior is usually spotted by shouting "WOO" whenever a.

Entering or leaving a club or bar, e. Most notable when gathered in groups for Bachellorette parties surrounded by toys resembling male genitalia. Clothing is usually sparkly, makeup is overdoneand this type is usually in the range.

Most herds will include at least one homely girl to make others look better by comparison. Woo-girl at a Bachellorette party orders a round of cherry bomb, red-headed sluts, or other hard to make shot that no one else has heard of, and when presented, the group will all shout 'WOO"! Woo girl will start shouting "WOO" when finally being let into a club after waiting an hour behind the rope.

Woo Girl will lean out of car windows while intoxicated and shout "WOO" at pedestrians on sidewalk. Jul 22 Word of the Day. Short for ultimate bias.

Typically used by fangirls and fanboys to describe their favourite celebrity amongst the many that they are fans of. G-Dragon is my ult. Woo girl. A women usually between the ages of who shows her excitement and fun that she is having with her friends by exalting with a " WOOO " usually in unison with other whoo girls. Female equivalent of a "bro".

Usually in a sorority. Identifiable by exclaiming "Wooooo!

Stephanie’s adventures in singledom: the art of wooing a woman

Bro1: " Hey brocheck out that chick at the bar. Buy her a shot!

Woo Girl can also be a derogative term when used in context of single women over 35 who are coquettishly over-excited shouting woo at every moment or conversation they find amusing or titallating which most single women are nonplussed ; or women who use online status to shamelessly write in adolescent tone about their woo woo moments, as it validates them. When used to refer to women over 35, conveys they are superficially fun and may be genuinely nice, yet lack depth and possess vapid, lonely personalities who have lived a unfulfilling adult life to date and thereby attempt Woo a girl meaning act as a newly minted college grad.

Unfortunately, they commit TMI in the process and overdo it with the woo wooing. May be a indirect way of attracting men who are social retards. Example 2 Woo Girl verbal: It's my life and I ain't gonna live forever.

Why do ‘woo girls’ woo?

Example 4 Woo Girl Written: Had a great day today. Things are going my way this week!!!!

In reality they are sad and los. Without woogirlsthere would be no Girls-Gone-Wild, body-glitter, etc. I'm going to the bar to see if i can hook up with a woogirl.

Jul 22 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4.

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