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Exactly what will happen if your service member or another member of his unit is killed? What should you expect?

What happens if they are injured? We get a lot of questions about this. Readers want to know what to expect from the notification process, can't remember what was said in those briefings or maybe never made it to one.

They want to know who will show up at their door, what they will say and when they will arrive. They want to be empowered with information.

We understand the predeployment mental block on this stuff. Who wants to dwell on the possibility that their service member may not come home before he even walks out the door? But it is so important. And whether this is your first or fifteenth deployment, a refresher from the casualty affairs folks is probably a good idea.

But we're not PowerPoint people here. Look at this as a point of reference. Forward it to other members of your unit or include it in your FRG Wounded soldiers dating. However, like almost everything else in the military, each service has the ability to change things at their discretion.

In a perfect world, though, the below is how things are supposed to be done. If you live far away from a military base there is a chance the chaplain may be a local emergency force chaplain and not a member of the military, she said. These people will come to your door sometime between 5 a. This is Wounded soldiers dating of those instances where the different services may change the rule in limited instances.

What to expect if your service member is killed:

Showing up outside this window is a decision made by some very high ranking people. If it happens it's because it's absolutely necessary. Same thing goes for any children your spouse has living elsewhere or anyone else they've asked be told if something happens. The news is supposed to reach you within 12 hours of their death.

The services use that time to get their notification team together, find your address and send someone to your home. If you live in a very remote location for example our past unit had to send a Wounded soldiers dating to notify in the Philippines it could take more than 12 hours. Telling you in person makes sure you are in a safe place to hear such life-changing news. And it makes sure that the information they are giving you is accurate, not just a rumor.

What if your service member is wounded?

After they notify you, the team will stay with you until you can call a friend or family member to be with you or until the next official person — the casualty assistance officer — can arrive. If you hear the news first from someone else, the notification team will still come.

In that case instead of delivering notification they will deliver their condolences, Skillman said. The team, however, will still come and do their duty. What happens after notification?

You will be ased a casualty assistance officer who will walk you through all the next steps, including the benefits you receive as a widow. You can read all about those here. That service member has been specially trained for this duty. His or her job is to make sure you get everything you need from the military.

The notification process for a injured service member is different but the result is still the same — you are supposed to learn the news before anyone else other than the unit stateside. If at all possible, Skillman said, the phone call will be from your service member themself. If they cannot reach you let's say you dropped your iPhone in the toilet again they will contact your unit to try to reach you through whatever means necessary.

If your service member is severely wounded and will not be transferred stateside quicklyyou Wounded soldiers dating be able to them wherever they are being treated outside the combat zone, often Germany.

The official will let you know whether or not this is an option. If they are transferred to a treatment facility stateside far away from you, the military will help you arrange travel to wherever that is.

Because the unit downrange goes on blackout until all the notifications stateside are made, you may be able to pretty well guess when something has happened based on a sudden lack of communication. Will it be you?

Will the knock be on your door this time? That can be very a scary time. In my experience, the best thing to do is to choose to not live in fear. When our unit lost 20 soldiers in four months, it became very easy to predict when something had happened and sit in dread in our homes alone -- just waiting, watching and praying.

So instead, a small group of us purposefully spent time together instead. Specifically what happens in the unit when a service member is injured or killed probably differs from unit to unit and base to base. But most of the processes look something like this:. The unit goes on blackout. That means that all communication from downrange to families is supposed to abruptly and without warning stop. That blackout will likely last until notification to the families has been made. You will receive a phone call or an from your unit that someone has been killed or injured.

If it has been less than 24 hours since the last family member was notified, the message will only tell you that someone was killed Wounded soldiers dating injured — not who. If you are told about it via a phone call, the person making the call - possibly a point of contact from your family group - will likely read you a preset script. Wounded soldiers dating could look like the below, one of the many our unit received during our deployment:. We will hold a Memorial Ceremony for this Soldier at a time and place to be determined.


Please remember to keep the soldiers of IN and all other deployed soldiers in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your continuous support. The Defense Department will release the name of the person killed no less than 24 hours after the family has been notified. That buffer gives the family some private time.

However, you may learn who it was before that. The family may choose to tell people.

If blackout is lifted downrange, you service member might tell you. You will receive details from your family readiness group on how you can help support the family and when the military memorial will be. Attending the military memorial can be a great way to show that you care without being intrusive.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about this process in the comments.

We pray that you will never have to experience any of the above. But if you do you will be armed with what to expect. A major insurer has changed its policy on liability coverage for military housing tenants after a Camp Pendleton family How do you deal with your driver's and car registration while in the military?

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