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Carrier. Drivers have many options for finding trucking companies in Wyoming. We understand that but believe as you look for trucking jobs in Wyoming, you'll come to see that CDLjobs.

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Truck Driving Jobs in Wyoming. Typically, if you are searching Wyoming trucking jobs a high-paying job, you will need to have years of experience and a college degree. However, when it comes to the truck driving industry, this is not true. Furthermore, truck driving jobs in Wyoming have better pay rates than most other states.

In fact, trucking companies in Wyoming are offering very competitive pay rates and benefits packages to newly hired drivers. Keep reading to find out what you must do to qualify for trucking jobs in Wyoming and apply for multiple truck driving jobs on this !

Crete Carrier. Paschall Truck Lines. Schneider National. Action Resources. Mercer Transportation Company. CRST Dedicated. Expediter Services. Melton Truck Lines.

Annual pay for truck driving jobs in wyoming

TransAm Trucking. Christenson Transportation, Inc. Decker Truck Line, Inc. System Transport.

James J. Williams Transport. TWT Refrigerated Service. Bennett Motor Express. Unlimited Freight, Inc. Salem Corporation. Shaffer Trucking.

Wyoming trucking jobs

HUNT Transportation. Pride Transport. Covenant Transport. Charles Baker Trucking. DANA Companies. To be eligible for a CLP you must be at least 18 years old. However, you must be 21 if you will be Wyoming trucking jobs with passengers in your vehicle, driving out of the state, or transporting hazardous materials.

The first portion of this test is the Pre-trip Inspection which will assess your knowledge of your vehicle and make sure the vehicle is safe for public ro. The second portion is the Basic Controls Test.

This test will require you to demonstrate off-road maneuvers with your commercial vehicle such as moving forward, backing up, and turning in a pre-determined area. You must pass the first two portions of the exam to move onto the third and final portion; the Road Skills Test.

During this test, you will demonstrate to the examiner that you are well-versed in traffic laws and know how to operate your commercial vehicle in a competent manner. During this hands-on exam, you will be tested on how Wyoming trucking jobs you stop on a downgrade, turn your vehicle, use your vehicle controls, and observe the traffic around you. Be sure to arrive on time for your test and make sure that you bring your own commercial vehicle that is the same class as the CDL you are applying for. All trucking companies, no matter how big or small, have certain hiring criteria.

The trucking companies in Wyoming are no different and have put their Wyoming trucking jobs individual job stipulations in place. These requirements meet or exceed the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation DOT.

The most common job qualifications for Wyoming trucking companies include one or more of the following:.

Outlook for trucking jobs in wyoming

Wyoming Truck Driving Salary and Benefits. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that truck driving jobs in Wyoming offer some attractive benefits and better than average pay. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wyoming trucking companies pay more than the national average for this career field. You can also increase your salary with bonuses for referring your friends to apply, completing your orientation, and having a safe driving record.

It is common practice for Wyoming trucking companies to provide some of the following Wyoming trucking jobs. In addition to the salary offered by truck driving jobs in Wyoming, you will need to factor in the average living costs and local taxes when determining what kind of salary you can afford to accept.

Driver jobs in top cities in wyoming

Wyoming is a state with notoriously low local taxes and no state taxes. It is also a state with a lower cost of living. Wyoming has an average county tax rate of 8.

If you become an owner-operator who partners with Wyoming trucking companies, you will need to pay for your own diesel fuel. Keep in mind, that you must pay all your own expenses as an owner-operator, and this cost can impact you greatly.

Of course, if you are an employee driving for trucking companies in Wyoming, you will not have to worry about paying for your own diesel fuel. In the trucking industry, safety and time are two factors that can influence job performance and job satisfaction.

Bad road conditions and heavy traffic can have a negative impact on both. Fortunately, in Wyoming, you are unlikely to experience heavy traffic conditions. This is because Wyoming is the least populated state in the nation. Wyoming trucking jobs the other hand, when working at truck driving jobs in Wyoming you are extremely likely to encounter bad ro and winter driving conditions.

Wyoming gets as much as 60 inches of snow in some areas. This can create snowy and icy ro as well as low visibility. In addition, Wyoming is known for its strong winds. When strong winds are combined with snow, visibility on the roadways is poor at best. If you work for Wyoming trucking companies be prepared for delays and road closures and always drive safely. You may even get to see deer, elk, and grouse in these areas as well.

However, you should use extreme caution when driving through wilderness areas, as wildlife has been known to cause severe traffic accidents. According to the Bureau Wyoming trucking jobs Labor Statistics, a much lower than average rate of job growth is predicted for Wyoming trucking companies.

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Home About Contact Terms Privacy. What do Wyoming trucking companies require of their drivers? The most common job qualifications for Wyoming Wyoming trucking jobs companies include one or more of the following: Must hold a current CDL-A Must be at least 21 years of age Must have no major chargeable accidents in the last 3 years Must have no more than 3 minor moving violations in the last 3 years Must have no more than 1 minor chargeable accident per year in the last 3 years Must be able to pass a DOT physical examination and substance screening.

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