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List of top 64 famous quotes and sayings about sometimes you think you know someone to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs. All Rights Reserved. I know it's hard to think that someone might be living in darkness, but I can tell you that sometimes this is the only way we can find the light. Mark Boliek.

All you can be is you. Your true self shines with more beauty than your mind can ever know. My friends like to play as me in the baseball games, and they call to tell me about every bag I steal. And you know, every time a new game comes out, I check to make sure my speed is up to par. But to me, when you talk video games, you're talking 'Madden. I don't say I'm not magnetic to try and sound self-deprecating. I'm just not. Though I actually love people. I would like to meet more people.

I know no one. I'd rather argue with You think you know someone, angel, than laugh with anyone else. It took me a minute to be able to swallow the last bite in my mouth. I love you madly.

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The reason why rivers and seas are able to be lords over a hundred mountain streams, is that they know how to keep below them. That is why they are able to reign over all the mountain streams.

You don't want to continue to do one thing and only one thing. You want to keep challenging yourself and if you do well at it, great, if you fall on your face, you tried. Like, she's really terrible at comedy! Who knew?

But if you didn't try and put yourself out there you'd never know. It's no longer about the Lost Boys. They keep trying to make their way out, then they meet other people and empathize with them. It's a story that a lot of people are going to discover their purpose from. When someone doesn't know their purpose, they get lost. If you know how to read, you have a complete education about life, then you know how to vote within a democracy.

But if you don't know how to read, you don't know how to decide. That's the great thing about our country - we're a democracy of readers, and we should keep it that way. Acheron: You're really not right, are you?

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Nick: Yeah. I know. It was all the paint chips I ate as a. They were good, but chromosomally damaging - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon. One plays at being immortal and after a few weeks one doesn't even know whether or not one can hang on till the next day. There is more to you than you know. Remember that. From a place of protection to a sinister trap. I know at some point we'll be forced to reenter its depths, either to hunt or be hunted, but for right now I'm planning to stick - Author: Suzanne Collins. Everything I know, I know because of love.

There is pressure that comes with everything being a big deal. I remember thinking, 'I need to survive the Shins. I don't know what I'm going to do to make a living otherwise, but I really don't want to do the Shins right now. Sometimes people are like, 'Hey, you played Dean Thomas!

In all honesty, if somebody asked me the secret of auditioning for Americans, I don't know. Often, I do what's called self-taping for America.

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I go over there quite a lot to sit in a room and do stuff in front of people. You feel like a performing monkey. It's bizarre. You may think you know someone very well. But there'll always be parts you can't see. Sometimes she'll look weak, but she is hiding her strength. Sometimes she'll seem strong Sometimes, I think, when you don't know how to take another step for yourself, you have to focus on someone else, and take the step for them.

Live for them. Be strong for them, even when you have so much within yourself in need of healing.

You know, sometimes I think Someone up there really hates me. Sometimes when you lose someone, it's at that moment that you realize how much they mean to you. And when that happens, and when you think about how you let them slip away, you know you'd do anything just to have them there with you again. Why aren't the two You think you know someone you together? Sometimes I think there are only so many opportunities And we've both screwed up so many times - that we've missed our chance.

I think we all have experiences when we were young where we either had an interaction with someone we admired or you know, had a vision of how they were and found out that they weren't necessarily that and that it tends to be a big let down sometimes.

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I play games on-set at work. Sometimes I can't remember people's names, so I start throwing out clues. Don't be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you're working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff.

Now you know how badly someone wanted you, Charley. Children forget that sometimes. They think of themselves as a burden instead of a wish granted. You can You think you know someone when someone is driven by labels. If something is couture, they think it's important and wear it and sometimes make a terrible fashion mistake. People are shocked that I know so little about deers. I think sometimes it's hard to know what you feel, or to know what's real and what's not, because love or hate or any feeling is a belief. You can say you hate someone, but you don't truly know them.

Sometimes you think you know more than you really do - people, events, things that are true and things that are not. Sometimes you think you know yourself. But then, surprise, it is someone else who shows you what is really there, like the truth a photograph shows.

And I thought I knew him. I knew him; I repeat it in my head bitterly. It's a funny thing to say, you know, to think that you know someone. Well, maybe once I DID know him, but I just wasn't smart enough to notice him change, because people do change, sometimes we just choose not to notice it. I think the sexiest thing about a man is that he's confident.

Sure, sometimes you meet someone and you see his appearance first, but then you get to know him, and he looks completely different to you.

You don't know why someone is in a certain circumstance and why they chose to be there. Sometimes it's just about having an experience and learning. I don't think you can begrudge someone that. For doting, not for loving, pupil mine.

If you come into success too soon, you'll burn out and be finished before you know it.

If you let the maturation process happen naturally, you'll be happier with yourself in the end. You need to be, like, turning down high-paying illustration work because you want to work on your comic.